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I'm a huge fan of VK Nagrani as well. Those socks seem to be a polarizing on this board, but the uniqueness of the patterns and quality have impressed me.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire They are blue/purple Gallos in blue/purpl weave. Whew... good choice. BTW, the mantyhose comments was a joke!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire Chez Jondral/Attolini Are those purple sheer socks? Or panty hose? If you're going to choose to wear socks like that, then this is the way to wear them. They at least blend into the pants. I have the least problem with the socks. The jacket looks too small and something 20+ years old and purchased at a 3rd rate department store.
When I graduated college (20 years ago), I worked for a conservative public accounting firm/consulting firm. Suit and tie were expected. I wore patterned socks every day, and a lot of bold socks. On days that I had big meetings, I would wear more subtle patterns. Generally, everything matched my tie or braces or pants in some way. Some examples: - A glen plaid pair with a grey suit - Maroon socks with blue when I was wearing a maroon tie - Some paisleys that...
VK Nagrani's rock, but I've gone back to solids because I'm tired of patterns and being the outlandish guy. Is your regular dress suits or business casual? Or casual?
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart naw, any "days of regret" are long gone...out of curiosity, what aspect of that tattoo is going to be "regretful" in *your* opinion? Uhh, everything. See the PM I sent you so I don't hijack the thread. I'm not against tatoos and see them as art. But violence on your body like that??? GTFO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart a pair of AA "slim trouser" in white (more like a jean than a real trouser). pretty nice fit, cheap too. and new tattoo... I predict that there will become a day that you regret putting a tattoo like that on your body. Wish I could start a tattoo removal business.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Don't worry, i've just been telling all my friends to cheeseburger up lately for whatever reason. It's something that needs to be said. But are you still freaking out at least a little bit about the phillies, right? My buddy is losing his mind. I ventured outside for a change. I don't know what i'm looking at. Trying not to look stupid posing for camera but failing. cassette playa x uniqlo april...
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