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I too think side vents are acceptable, at least on a shawl collar tux as it has a less formal pedigree than the peak lapel. If going peak would probably endevour to get it non-vented though. As for the shoes... look at that price, and compare with other shoes around the same (or a lot less) and you'll see that you can get much nicer ones. The overall idea is alright with those, but the lack of heel, presence of stud-like grip, as well as the fact that that eBay page makes...
Bump for an excellent product - got mine not long ago (in Australia) and it is lovely.
As an ethics major I've looked a fair bit at the vegetarianism case, and find nothing wrong with eating most animals. I do, however, think that the factory farming methods used in about 99% of animal farming is ethically wrong, however, and would like people to move away from that. That having been said, I do eat meat, albeit not a great deal of it (mostly because there's a lot of meat I just don't like - certainly not into steaks for instance). This certainly has health...
Thanks Anthony. Am always on the lookout of eBay, FS board here, and places of that kin for some good quality, discounted shoes like the ones you were able to grab. Would ultimately love some patent pumps, but they either require waiting for on eBay, or waiting for to be made bespoke, and so I fear an event turning up and me not having shoes at the ready at all! With that in mind it seemed reasonable to take some cheaper balmorals from John White and then snare some pumps...
Still wondering about these shoes, and in addition am wondering about opinions on swapping out the laces for some grosgrain ribon, which I saw done somewhere else and was intrigued by. Thanks in advance.
Have heard that John White shoes are low quality for a number of reasons. Namely that they aren't welted and use a lesser quality of leather. This has always made them a brand to avoid, however recently I came across a pair that I wasn't sure whether this would apply to (to such a significant degree). The shoe in question is this: A black patent balmoral dress shoe. Because it's this kind of shoe, where competitors' shoes (at similar... This is about the only round toed shoe I've been able to find in (what I believe to be) genuine patent leather outside of retail AEs. Curious what you think. Otherwise there are a few nice calfskin shoes around, but feel I probably prefer the patent. Still, not in a hurry to get them, so I can wait out ebay for longer, I've really only just started looking. Thanks again.
If only I could find some bowed pumps which I could afford (student - next to no income). Am on the lookout on trading boards and eBay, so hoping! Otherwise, what makes a 'traditional' silhouette? Other than those pupms am looking at oxfords (preferably balmoral), but even within those paramaters there seems to be quite a range of silhouette. Was just wondering how to tell the finer parts of that. Thank you for replies!
Hi everyone! New here, and wondering if you might be able to enlighten me as to what an 'elegant' shoe silhouette might look like. I hardly know what a shoe silhouette is to begin with, let alone how to determine the comparative quality of different ones. My interest is in regard to formal shoes to be worn with a dinner jacket / tuxedo. Any info would be very much appreciated. Thank you all for your time.
Hi guys, from Australia myself and just wanted to chime in to say hi. Was glad to find such an Australian contingent on these forums, when several places lead me to believe that style was not something of the Australian fotre.
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