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[quote=JesseJB;4234146]Huge pet peeve of mine! D-U-C-T!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost as bad as calling Alzheimer's "oldtimer's disease."[/QUOTE] I lol'ed That leopard print is just too these come with a free bowl of soup?
Looking for a new jacket this season. What jackets do you guys like that youve seen for SS11? My style tends to lean towards the preppy side with a slight edge. This is the type of jacket that Im looking for, wouldnt mind one with a hood. Thanks and look forward to seeing what you guys have.
Thanks. Out of curiosity, what store was it?
Anyone know where I could get a better look at this Dolce CT is wearing on the cover of the March GQ? Link Its pretty much the type of jacket Im looking for, just hoping there arent any patches on the elbows, its got wrist zippers and hand pockets (cold where I live) ty
Club Monaco grey pinstripe suit, blue Isaia gingham shirt, pink bowtie, polka dot socks and black chucks? I think itll be fun...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Clothes are fine, but dude... you look ultra creepy. Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman When nature has cursed you with Ginger hair you owe it to your fellow man to exhibit as little of it as possible in public. May god grant that the gift of premature grayness hasten itself unto you. Quote: Originally Posted by Will C. That's kind of a dickish...
Hot mess
Cold as usual in Minneapolis Pea Coat - Ted Baker Scarf - Jon Varvatos Shirt - Rag and Bone Shades - Classic Aviators Mustache - Firehouse
Hmm really? It says its slim. Im 32, I wear jeans a lot. I miss New York, been in Minneapolis for a few years and am always relegated to the internet. I hang out with a younger crowd typically as Im single and go out a lot.
Hey guys this is my first post. Ive been thinking about buying a leather jacket for a while and after some searching I found a few that I liked Mackage Moto Mackage Bomber Varvatos 1 Varvatos 2 Just curious which ones you guys liked best, Im looking to get a lot of mileage out of it and wear it through Winter, Spring and Fall....2nd Varvatos may even work in Summer. Sizes are limited. I really like the Mackage bomber but am not sure on the back vents and...
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