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Posts by Merovius Just went to a trunk show here in Minneapolis, wasnt aware of this line before last night. Wasnt all that impressed, seems very trendy/Thom Browne. Ultra thin lapels, slim/short legs. Nice fabrics but seems overpriced. Was just curious what the consensus would be from the good folks at StyleForum.
No sweat its fine. It wasn't so much you that had the haughty attitude anyway. I know its place, cocktail parties, fashion shows, concerts, plays, dinners....after looking at that list it would probably get more use than one might initially think. Right now though, its far too warm for it (80 degrees) and I do have a list of other blazers to get - Grey Wool Herringbone, Brown Cord and Harris Tweed for the Fall/Winter arsenal.
Ive never owned or plan to own an affliction t-shirt, guy...Such as?The only non-ego driven response, thanks for the feedback.
what do you guys think about this sport coat?,default,pd.html?cgid=MSUITSCOATS1 I tried it on and it fits great, its also half off at a local shop...I hate passing up on great discounts. The only thing I wasn't too keen on is that it has a bit of a shine to it and is a littl flashy. lmk your thoughts. thanks.
Patch pockets: Trendy or Classic?
It looks tight because Im pulling it in with my left arm. Revisiting this again after a few hours it just looks too long and the pocket placement is still bothering me, might just have it MTM in Milano.
Please dont mind the terrible cell phone camera quality. I took these in Brooks Brothers because immediately the jacket (Fitzgerald fit) felt too long and the pockets sat much too low. Im used to more of a contemporary Italian aesthetic. I dont even know if one could make a fit decision based on these pictures but I figured Id ask. I cant go with a short because there would not be enough material to get the sleeve length right. Only options are to shorten the skirt 1 inch...
Im a 30" waist with broad shoulders and a 15 1/2" neck. For me if it isnt skin tight its too big. The only shirt Ive found that Im happy with fit wise would be something like Burberry London or Ben Sherman Soho (a little tight through the chest). The Burberry London is probably the best fit, but they come at a premium. Can anyone recommend a similar fit for a lower price? Edit: Also having trouble with finding these fits in french cuffs. Any feedback is appreciated,...
Little late catching up but this is wonderful imo. A 'Victor' Runs Through It.
Thanks for the feedback, tbh the Cheaneys may be a little too pointy. I tried on a similar shoe by Magnanni which looked great on the shelf, not so much on my foot. Saw the Guccis in person and they appeared to be well made, toe was well tacked, heel construction sturdy. Im not a fan of the logo stamp either but I could probably live with it. Ive never owned a pair of Gucci shoes so Im inexperienced with how they hold up. Hearing that yours didn't last you two years is...
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