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Hello everyone, its been quite a while since Ive posted in these forums but I just wanted to pop in for some quick feedback. I have held out as long as I could and the snow is finally coming down here in Minneapolis. I am in need of some city slop boots, preferably water proof.. Ive taken the time to browse the forums and my top options are: Red Wing Beckman - cant say enough good things about Red Wing and the quality of shoe they make, a Minnesota based company...
Hi, it has been some time since I have used these forums to solve my wardrobe woes and I am glad it is still here. I know how most users feel about wedding attire. Do not fret, I have avoided Men's Warehouse and the like. I simply told the boys "Wear your best fitting blue suits with brown shoes, I will provide the ties and socks" For ties, I have found wonderful Isaia wool cashmere blend 7 fold in grey/blue heather with a slight purple accent and would like to pair them...
Quick question, I really loved the AE Strand shell cordovan in walnut but its been discontinued according to a sales clerk becasue they are all out of leather uppers. Is this something that they restock every year or was it a one off?
Agreed, the 3rd one is pretty bad. First looks good.
Shoe construction question. These look to be glued, yes? Also looks like there are only a few tacks on the heel, shoes look great, construction seems lacking. Thoughts?
Looks like you had some trouble with the tie, clearly the material makes the knot difficult.Looks good otherwise.Jacket fit is impeccable as always.
For me thats close but not quite, ditch the peak lapels and add unstructured shoulders.
From your mastery of the King's English, I can see you're quite educated. I do have to give you credit though, I was expecting your compulsory reply to be more along the lines of "I r teh 1337 sawz", but here you are almost forming complete sentences! /clapMy advice to you is give up the e-thuggery and noob flaming and stick to what you know best, being a sheep and buying more Julius and Jacobs.GG
Size one down.You should try being a little more positive, maybe then your life wont suck so much.
I have a gala event tonight and want to look my best. Which pocket square, tie combination will look best with this black suit? Any feedback is always appreciated, thanks in advance.
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