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Wear a nightcap.
Oh change they did. In the early 1990s they sold clothes predominantly made in the UK of natural fibres. The profits were spectacular. The customers were a classic example of a set who bought as much as they could in one place. The old stuff went out in favour of imported badly cut polyester-rich crap. The customers trusted the brand for a while and then took their business elsewhere.
20%, I'm afraid.
Tricker's summer sale starts today (20th) at the Jermyn Street store, according to an ad in The Spectator.
Quote: Originally Posted by kraftar The link for the T&A sale doesn't seem to be working... This works in preview ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin It's quite old, is it not? I remember reading about extreme ironing at least a decade ago, if not before that. The sport is quite old, but this example is April 2011.
If the entrance to the Flannels outlet was immediately to the left of Oxfam, it's closed. +1 for Edwards.
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