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Bought this as a part of the recent Self Edge sale, but have come to realize this is just too small for me. I wore this about 3 times, washing it each time by hand before hanging it up to air dry. Nice lightweight red/black flannel, with ceramic snap buttons. Sized Small. Measurements: P2P: 18'' S2S:17'' Length:28''
Bought this as a part of the Self Edge sale a while back but I've come to recognize it's just too small for me. While it's sized L, it fits more like a slim medium. The flannel is a nice heavy weight cotton. I wore it about three times, so it's in great condition still. Washed by hand and hung to dry each time. Measurements: P2P:19.25'' S2S:18.25 Length:26.5''
Bought this off of No Man Walks Alone last fall and have only ever tried it on, never worn out of my house. Perfect lightweight, dark cotton sweatshirt for year-round-wear. Measurements (kinda hard to measure): P2P:20.5'' length:24.75'' PM me with any questions.
I bought this off of eBay a few months ago and just dont find myself ever wearing it. 9/10 condition, perfect for the upcoming spring/summer. Here's the same shirt @ Unionmade Measurements: P2P: 19.5'' Length:25.75'' S2S:17.5'' DROP to 50
I bought this off of Grailed a month or two ago but just don't find myself wearing it at all. The original owner said it was in 9.5 condition, so considering I wore it once, I'd say this is in 9/10 condition. Size Small Fabric: French terry. / 100% cotton. Made in Japan. Measurements: Pit to pit: 20'' length: 25.5'' sleeve length, from pit to cuff: 24''
I recently went through my closet and have found a few items that I don't find myself wearing much anymore. Please find this Thom Brown white oxford for sale. I bought it a year or two ago on SF, wore it about 6 times and havent touched it since. Note there is a little bit of yellowing around the neck but it is farily minimal. Wear and tear on the rest of the shirt is negligible. The size is somewhere between a TB 1 and 2, since the original owner had it custom made by...
are the overalls for SS15 only for the FWK line?
Bought this from O&S a while back and just find myself ever wearing it. Condition is 9/10, I wore it maybe 2 or 3 times max. Beautiful blue color, hidden placket, spread collar etc. Listed size is a 15''. Measurements: Chest=20'' Length (from top of collar to hem)= 32.25'' Shoulder=17.75'' PM me with any questions. Thanks
Bought this off of SuFu a while back and don't really find myself wearing it because it's a tad bit small on me. Condition is 7/10. There's a little bit of fading/discoloration on the inside of the collar. See photos for a visual of the discoloration. Otherwise, great shirt with a lot of life left. Graphic is the Morton salt girl with text reading "born alone die alone", with SUPREME in block text underneath the graphic. One of the best supreme graphic tees ever done in...
Bought this off SF a while ago, and never ended up wearing it since it's too small for me. Perfect condition etc. Note the graphic is on the back of the shirt, not the front. Measurements: Chest= 17'' Length=24.75'' PM me with any questions. Thanks
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