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tbs does a 20% every once in a while, maybe once a season i wanna say? that said, 20% coupon + VAT deduction (assuming youre not in the EU) = best price for brand new MMM gats, especially if youre talking the basic white or black options.
Picked this up from Frances May back in May and have only worn it once to a graduation event. Really nice light cotton blazer, perfect for a slim 38 or a more traditional fitting 36. Patch pockets, slim lapels, etc. PM me with any questions.
Bought these on a whim on eBay a while back and they're definitely not the right size for me. Great price for a pair of twill chinos from Baldwin denim that have never ever been worn (NWT!). PM me with any questions Measurements: waist= 15.25 inseam=30.25 leg opening=6.75
I'd been hoping to get more EG in my wardrobe so I picked this beautiful wool Andover up earlier in the season. Sadly though, it really doesn't fit with what I wear, so I'm looking to pass it on to a better owner. Only worn 3 times so it's in immaculate condition. If the buyer desires, I can have it dry cleaned before I mail it out. No smells or stains, and I don't smoke so the jacket is in A++ condition. PM me if you want measurements but this jacket fits like a usual...
Hey all, got some common project sneakers for sale. picked these up over the summer on ebay, wore em twice and they've been sitting in my closet since. condition is 8/10, some scuffing but the shoes are still in really great condition (as is evident by the lack of sole wear / the numbers on the side are not worn away at all). still i know they're a bit worn so notice the lower than usual CP price on these. Size is EU 42 and the color is brown. PM me with any questions...
so fuckin nice and at a killer price
PM me with any offers
Hey picked this up as part of the most recent Superfuture X Ebbets collab. Somehow I got the wrong size so my mistake is your gain. 30 bucks shipped to the continental USA! Note the size is 7 1/4 Here's some pics of the hat make up from SUFU since I'm too lazy to take pics of mine, but mine's never been worn outside of trying it on. NWT etc etc. PM me with any questions
NOTE: Price drop to 175 Picked this up on SF recently but it really doesn't go well with what I wear so looking to recoup what I paid for it. measurements= shoulder 16.5 chest 18.5 sleeve 28 length 27 note the front strap was cut by the previous owner and the color of hoodie (OG: dust) was dyed a shade darker. still an incredibly well kept RO DRKSHDW piece. fit is good for a 44-46, or if you were a 48 and wanted a less flowy, more fitted look. I'll cover shipping to...
RE: the candy store Quin, grab a bag of the coffee gumdrops if you can. off the wall delicious
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