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Maybe someone wanted those really bad or is just plain stupid for paying $2k.Anyhow its worth of a shot.Does not cost me anything and i dont want to drop serious dough on a shoes that are not the ones i wanted in the first place.
I have these shoes and they will mold quite quickly so it aint a problem if they are narrow. This is of course if you dont have hobbit feet.
Rick Owens sneakers size 42. Colorways that are in the pictures are acceptable. I will note every offer. Hit me up in email at maitolasse @ gmail dot com or post in this thread or send a PM. The shoes can be in proper condition Or they can be beat up
Dont visit this site too often but when i do that might come in handy. Better get on it now.
These and few other shoes (KVA, Rick Owens) has looked good. Rest of the past 50 pages are utter shit. GAT's are probably the ugliest sneaker i have ever seen in my entire life.
Those Achilles look black in those pictures.
Your site does not scream "trustworthy"
Im having similar issues, cant find new laces for my CP Tournament low whites anywhere. They are too wide what i can get my hands on, cant find anything similar.
Maybe also put few dollars for something casual like... food perhaps?Geez man your thin as hell.
I might turn you in for trying to convince me to commit a felony.Not for you to feel bad tho i can tell mine are size 43 so you dont feel bad. Maybe i should check on those leather jackets, i got one already but i might need a bit shorter one.I just feel im all black with the jacket, shoes and jeans and gives me the feel i worship satan.
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