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He is entertaining as hell
People obvious dont know what Jameister Tha Gawd does
http://www.thecorner.com/fi/men/mid-length-jacket_cod41386958qk.html Thanks but they dont have the jacket im after (Ikkon). tried the code that was -40% to thecorner (eu) but it claimed it aint valid. Im not even sure about the sizing. Strugling between M-L. Im 187cm (6, 2") tall but could not find any info what size the model is wearing the link above.
Goddamn i was sure i could get RO jacket with nice -40% discount but apparently not
Looks like something from fabrixsquare.
Where do you live? North Korea?
Cropped pants wont do favors for anyone. They are plain awful in general.
Agreed.GATS worst looking sneaker i can think right of the bat.Good fit too.Real good look.
Sounds like i need to widen my search for another models or just hope if the shoes i mentioned turn up.
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