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Home & Away Tee- AA Necklace- YourEyesLie Wristband- H&M Belt- Energie Cords- Vintage (tailored) Coat- All Saints Scarf- All Saints Shoes- Swear
This was yesterday's WAWYT. I'll take one of today's whenever I find the time. Unconditional, YourEyesLie, American Apparel, Swear
Have you tried the oh-so-famous April77 Joey Grey Colordrives? I was looking like crazy for these a few months back (at their 'peak' in popularity unfotuntely), but now have decided against them (lost interest/waiting for a new, more exciting grey jean from April77, possibly grey waxed cotton alternative).
Anyone seen The Simpsons Movie yet? I'm annoyed that I forgot about it's premiere, so have't seen it yet. Does anyone know if it's showing in Greece at the moment (will be there for the next week and a half starting wednesday)?
I've been a personal fan of Zirh's Clean and Defend for a long time. I used to have terrible acne (I mean the very definition of "pizza face"). I tried all kinds of crap, I was ripped off numerous times. Then by chance I found the forums where people where talking about Zirh. I have been hooked on the stuff ever since. Did I mention I haven't washed my face for almost two days straight, and there's no spot in sight. I don't work for Zirh btw, but I would...
I'm actually in a similar situation to the original poster, only the legs part is due to my height (or lack of, thereby). I'm currently 5"8 and 130lbs. I have a slim upper body, fairly toned and not too much muscle, but just enough (IMHO). Then my legs are a different story. I feel they resemble women's in that my thighs are so rounded and calves abnormally big in proportion to the rest of my body (I think this is mainly due to my legs being short and thus the muscle...
I'm liking the new website. Congrats! Get Smart, is this blazer made of the light herringbone fabric you have diplayed on your website? Cheers
Shorts by AA Chinos by Zara (altered to a skinny fit) Vintage Tank-top Bag by AA (School of Architecture) JPG Mag Vintage Polo
Here's evidence that the 'minimalistic' shirt/tie/tie-pin look can be made to look good (given the right proportions and whatnot). This was a pic taken from Marni's A/W 07 Runway Collection.
For me it depends on the shoe and location of store mostly, ie rarity/popularity/size issues. Of course I consider taking advice regarding sizing from others beforehand.
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