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Hi guys, Up for sale is a brand new pair of Common Projects Achilles with bone upper, and off white mid-sole. These have only been tried on for literally 5 minutes on carpet. I'm not sure if you can get this colour anywhere now. I will do $200 to the US (excluding shipping). Any Australian buyers let me know and we can work something out.
Up for sale is a used TOJ AE varsity in a stock 44. This has been worn lightly for 3 months, since it is a bit small on me. This has been worn lightly for 3 months, since it is a bit small on me. The seam on the left cuff has a small split, but it is an easy fix (it is split along the vertical seam of the cuff, not between the leather and the cuff). Other than that till in great condition, no noticeable marks or scratches on the leather or anything. Will ship worldwide....
Long shot, but looking to trade my pair of 39s for your 40s. These shoes have only been tried on for 5 minutes on indoor carpet. Would prefer the same colour (vintage low white) but willing to consider others. Looking to trade within Australia if possible as international shipping is just way too expensive. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnannemarie Darwin certainly is regarded as the tropics
Hi gents. I am looking for a pair of plain black captoe oxfords with a last shape similar to the C&J 348 (elongated toe, very sleek low profile, waisting) within a $150-$200 range. As a grad student starting out in the corporate world and just receiving my first real paycheque I thought it would be best to start investing in some proper shoes, but it is still a stretch before I can afford to drop $350+ on a pair of shoes. I know that I will be sacrificing some leather...
Quote: Originally Posted by TrenTality And yes, Selvage is raw denim.
anybody get their hands on the f/w +j stuff yet? doesnt come out till the 15th in my part of the world unfortunately
Quote: Originally Posted by celery Maybe you can help me with offside rules. I thought offside is when two players at the end of the pitch exchange jerseys and are play for the opposite side. Is that how it works? no. i advise you to buy a book on basic football rules. that way you can quickly refer to it whenever you have any questions. it will help with your understanding of games and improve your viewing experience immensely.
Quote: Originally Posted by celery Thanks for clarifying, I thought they automatically gave the goal and then had the guy shoot as a formality. yea lots of people think so. it doesn't work like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by celery LOL, this match is ridonkulous. How the hell do you miss a penalty? idiot. penalty =/= automatic goal
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