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I want to get into this, but my traveling schedule just doesn't allow me to care for them properly. I've seen some bonsai worth ridiculous money, and they're very impressive.
^ Have you checked out Uniqlo?
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah speaking of screaming, there was a fellow who, with every rep of every workout (bench, curl, dips, pullups, everything), let out a battle cry so loud it could be heard from outside the weights room There's one of these at my gym, except that he lets out some sort of caveman grunt after each set to let everyone hear how much effort he put into it. He also rests for 5 minutes between sets, occupying...
If you're looking for the originals, there's a guy on SuFu selling a bunch of them NWT.
Whoever got #3, please PM me if it doesn't work out
Sold my PS3 after I hadn't played it for 6 months, and haven't looked back. I just lost interest in gaming I suppose.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lupo This or and i still can get these with money left over Thanks W+H, unless you're just going to wear them around the house. AA looks boring and generic.
Have you tried proxy websites?
do it, it's good for developing that cock fade
Laziness. I know some overweight people who claim they want to exercise "lots", but can't because "their knees can't take it". After suggestions to start cycling or swimming a little to start shedding the weight, and them acknowledging those were exercises they could perform, they proceeded to do absolutely nothing.
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