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As the above post says, or buy the patent version if it bothers you that much.
Rick Owens
Margiela painted high tops?
^ ts(s), Post Overalls
Quote: Originally Posted by SupeMassivePowerTrip Been wearing my iron rangers lately and at the end of the day they give me blisters, should I be wearing thicker socks, as well as lacing them tighter? Man up and break them in by walking a ton, or if you've already done so they might be a little too large. You could try an insole instead of thicker socks.
Have you never lost interest in a hobby before? There's been a lot of things I used to love doing when I was younger, but I eventually moved on to other things. Gaming was one of them, but my interest quickly declined as I reached my 20s. I very occasionally still feel the urge to play, but when I do boredom sets in and it's usually switched off again in 5-10 minutes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat The mid-end quality would be made in HK and Taiwan. Japan has the high end market. Korea is now transitioning from a mid-end quality maker to high-end. Malaysia and Indonesia are following in Korea's footsteps. Malaysian cars are absolutely horrific. There's no way they're transitioning to high end when they can't even put a half decent car on the market. Quote: Originally Posted by...
^ From the US to EU is usually a little less than 2 weeks, from Japan it's usually at least 2 weeks. Depends on the courier/customs though.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrispy179 How are rents in the CBD? Looking for relatively low rent. Although Auckland seems to have a mostly closet sized studio flats. How are the bus systems, convenient or annoying? Public transport outside the city can be a pain, traveling longer distances by bus can involve lots of changing and waiting time. Definitely consider getting a car if you're going to have to commute outside the city a lot.
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