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Looking to move away from the well fitting but boring stuff, gonna experiment with some drapey tees/pants this year. It's likely I'll have to wear suits more often unfortunately, so I guess I'll have to up my MC game as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by McCurry Just a bunch of retardly rich government officials (and their spawns) wearing the most expensive shit that they can get their hands on.. because it gives them status I always lol at this whenever I'm in Asia, and it's not just limited to clothes either. They'll buy any material good that screams how much money they spent on it, although I've seen some people cut out the 'subtlety', instead waving around huge...
This is why I'm happy I don't live with roommates anymore.
^ tts but narrow in my experience
Didn't someone on here buy a leather blazer a while back? Looked horrible.
Black MMM highs for someone with tiny feet
Shoulders look ok to me. Take a picture of more than just your upper body if you want people to look at how it fits, the sleeves might be hanging past your knuckles for all we know.
Place a phone order or get a proxy
^^ try SSense, Tres Bien or Revolve
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