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Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint By the way, what is a chav? Mostly working class people in the UK, who exhibit all sorts of anti-social behavior. Watch Little Britain if you want to get an idea of them. They're mostly seen in tracksuits, and like to wear Burberry caps as a status symbol.
They've proven it doesn't actually save that much energy at all, which was the point of introducing it in the first place. Combined with all the annoyances it causes we can do away with it imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by ninjanine 1. Is it true that raw denim will mold and conform to my body and create the perfect fit, or is raw denim more about a unique pattern of fading? I don't care about the "worn look" and unique whispering as much as I care about a perfect fit. 2. Is buying raw denim a better way to get a great fit than, say, going to Bloomingdales and talking to one of their denim specialists and trying on a hundred pairs of jeans?...
^^ yes.
These kinds of mistakes happen all the time, just chalk it up to experience and keep it in mind next time you get something altered. A good tailor may have kept it in mind and reminded you of it as he was pinning your shirt, but I wouldn't call it his responsibility to do so.
Quote: Originally Posted by thats.mana How's Kuala Lumpur? Like a poorer, dirtier version of Singapore, didn't find it particularly interesting. If you like cities it's probably best to skip it altogether and just head for Singapore. I found the smaller cities, towns and islands much more interesting as a tourist, but prepare to at the hygiene conditions. Just visit Malaysia for the cheap food, forget about shopping. The girls are meh as in...
Depends on where in SE Asia they're from. I found the girls in the north the best looking, those in the south, not so much. All boils down to personal preferences though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol 13.5, lol. I thought it was higher Going up to 14.5 next Jan. Be glad you don't live in Europe, it's 20+ in most countries over there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Creamy what's the best option for basic t-shirts? I'm looking for quality, cut, tone (neutral, preferably) and fit. UK. Hardly quality but Uniqlo probably makes the best fitting basics at their price point. You can also try American Apparel, Sunspel and John Smedley.
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