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Or get one of those evaporators you can plug into a wall socket. Kills them by releasing a insecticide. Citronella candles have never done anything for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by griffin~ I am looking for some basic tees and have something specific in mind, but I don't know how to find the style I want with decent prices. Ideally, what I would want would be Julius or Rick Owens style, but I just want the bare minimum of what their style entails (for tees) Try diffusion lines such as Silent if you want something similar at a lower price. Still not cheap though at $70-$120 per tee, but you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by CEE88 When a US customer orders apparel from a UK-based company do you usually need to pay a customs duty on the package? Royal Mail says the package was "passed to the overseas postal service for delivery" Depends on the value and whether or not it gets caught by customs. The daily volumes are so large that a part slips through unchecked, so you might get lucky. It usually takes a minimum of 1.5 weeks for...
You can have it darted or tapered, I've had good results with a combination of both.
I wouldn't say teaching is different from other fields of work, in the sense that there are always people who are bad at their job, a lot who are average and a few who are excellent. The worst I've had was a math teacher in middle school who needed help from students to work out some of the answers and explain them to the class because he didn't understand the material himself. There was also a physics teacher who gave me a D for my project on gravity, admitting he...
Quote: Originally Posted by xM. [[SPOILER]] Get some taller boots if you want to tuck, boot tucking Clarks just doesn't look right.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger ive also realized that i wear like 5% of my wardrobe. I had a similar realization about 2 or so years after I took an interest in clothes. I had a way too much stuff that I wasn't wearing but just keeping in my closet because they were grail items or just nice individual pieces. Sold off the bulk of it, and still keep a minimalist closet today.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jhnkago Hey friends, I have a question on how I should go about tailoring a pair of sweatpants. My alterations tailor would probably just laugh at me if I brought him a pair of sweatpants. There are tons of sweatpants out there cut like the way you're looking for. Raf and Rick Owens spring to mind, or Wings + Horns if you're looking for something cheaper.
The first looks uninspired, the second and third are just horrid. Is this some sort of high school design project or something?
Looks great epoc
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