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^ Try Uniqlo if you need cheap basics, best fit for the price range. Don't expect quality if you're looking for a hoodie on the cheap though. You get what you pay for.
I've always been very active since an early age, and I just don't feel well when I'm a couple of pounds heavier than when I exercise. That and the fact that working out gives me a competitive advantage in the sports I play. Vanity has never really been on my mind since I've always been in good shape.
Slightly big, if you're in between sizes you can size down if you want them to fit slimmer.
^ Sharpservice are great if you need to proxy stuff from Japan.
Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith i'm in new york not liberia, haha, i just need something to keep the critters away. i want one of the plug in the wall things but was never able to get my hands on one Don't they have any at your local drug store? Just look for it where they stock their insect bite relief/repellent products. Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone Do it release insecticide in the air? Sounds unhealthy...
Haven't played for 5-6 years now I think, I've always played crap after long breaks from the game. Those MP-33s really are a bitch to hit if you're not catching it flush. Though a good friend of mine took a year off playing to travel and could still shoot sub-par rounds when he got back, so I guess it varies from person to person.
You can't really escape the awkward in-between phase, just don't give a fuck and let it grow out. Visit a hairdresser once it gets to a decent length and explain the haircut you're after (or bring a picture), and they'll cut it so it grows out the way you want it.
I used to play a ton in college, but haven't seen a golf course in ages now. I need to play some holes again sometime. Still have my old set of MP-33s and Taylormade R510 TP driver, doubt I have the game to play them these days though.
^^ 46, especially if the measurements seem a little large
Whenever I don't get enough sleep cardio is the most affected in my experience, I don't have any problems lifting though.
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