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Quote: Originally Posted by Kas Apparently Dutchies ALL do drugs. It used to be about wooden shoes and windmills, nowadays I just get asked about how awesome it is to be able to buy drugs everywhere (apparently). Quote: Originally Posted by Icarus in China the handbag is bought purely for status Not just handbags, this is true for pretty much any material good that's widely recognized as being...
^ Doesn't sound all that strange to me, seems to be about the usual thigh measurement for slim jeans that size depending on how you measure. I don't have particularly slim thighs, but 10.5" in size 32 fits me no problem.
I used to do this all the time when I was a lazy student, nothing wrong with it in my opinion as long as the rest of your diet is varied enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by bob99 Damn, somebody buy those green hi's! If they were 43, I'd buy them ASAP, since I've been searching for them in a 43 forever! They don't come in 43 since they're women's shoes. Besides narrower laces they're basically the same as the men's version though.
^ surely you can just tie them loosely? Leaving them untied just looks like you forgot to tie them.
lol, thanks for the link op
^ my raw Sugarcanes probably bled the most of all the pairs I tried, still spread indigo everywhere even after a soak
Because bleeding indigo everywhere sucks. I put up with it when I first got into wearing raws, but nowadays I can't be bothered.
^^^ those are awesome, would kop if they were my size. Button down + jeans sounds like a dull way of wearing them though.
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade When you guys are shipping to the United Kingdom (from the US), do you usually ship via Priority Mail? I know that First-Class doesn't provide any tracking, and that Priority Mail provides tracking in the form of a Customs Number (that provides PayPal seller coverage)? Correct me if I'm wrong -- I haven't shipped across the pond for a while now. Provided you're sending a package and not an envelope, First...
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