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In many places I visit all jeans are still relaxed fit.
^ They eat most natural fabrics, not just wool.
^^ looks dope, wish I had need for a jacket that warm.
^ true. I work out in the evening, so I shower at night. The people who tend to smell are those who skip showering (gross).
Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 I've never stuck with a pair of raw denim this long, but my new standards have actually started earning little holes in the corners of my wallet marks in the back pocket. I've already had to patch up the crotch once, but I have no idea how to deal with this and don't want to lose the pocket obviously. What can a tailor do to fix this, can I have them just try to sew over the tears? Just leave it, patches...
Quote: Originally Posted by politoskim bought this shirt, but having doubts about the fit. tell me what you guys think its the length and the width that btoehrs me. tell me if im trippin. i seriously appreciate it! Length is fine, it looks a little loose on you, but nothing a tailor can't fix.
Quote: Originally Posted by Llamadon I've finally decided to start dressing nicely but I'm terrible at shopping and I have a super tight budget. My head is spinning with all of the information there is out there on how to dress and it seems to me that a lot of it comes down to money. Is it possible to dress impressively and not break the bank? I have dreams of wearing quality denim and owning some nice shoes and a suit and all that, but those things are...
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