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That Geller fair isle is fantastic, wish it was a 48. Free bump
A friend of mine paid for a good chunk of his college education by picking up old/broken cars and flat screen tvs, fixing them and selling them on. Granted he was quite skilled (his dad was a mechanic and taught him quite a bit) but from what I could see it was easy money, and he definitely made more than anyone I knew at that age.
^I'm pretty sure fractures don't heal in two weeks, so yours was probably just bruised. OP, if your toe is broken, or you suspect it's broken definitely get it checked out at the hospital, the NHS pays for it anyway. If they don't set it back properly it'll eventually heal the wrong way + you'll be in pain the whole time, and they'll have to break it again to fix it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Thanks man, it sounds like BoO just might work. A friend told me it was cut for slim builds with zero taper so they must have changed the fit? Any other brands more friendly on the wallet but still good quality? I usually do buy shirts that fit the shoulders and have the body tailored, but if I can find the right brand and avoid the hassle that would be great. You have to size up for BoO, but the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Those with an athletic build (broad shoulders, V-taper), what's your go-to brand for oxford shirts?? I usually have to size up my shirts in order to get proper shoulder fit but then the torso is too roomy. I've tried some Gitman and Wings and Horns and had the above issue. Haven't had a chance to try BoO. Any recommendations? Same here, either the shoulders are too small or the chest is too large. BoO...
^^ from the fits I've seen of that jacket, no.
W+H, Dayton doesn't do distressing
Crump, if you want something that fits more relaxed ToJ may not be for you. Personally I think it looks fine considering it'll stretch a bit at the waist, which should get rid of some of the bunching around the middle/lower back. I'm not a fan of relaxed bombers, gives off that middle aged dad vibe.
Wouldn't buy anything from them even on sale, some shirts and boots I tried didn't last longer than a month, and I don't exactly thrash my stuff. I'd much rather pay double the price for something that actually lasts.
Have you tried a leave-in conditioner?
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