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Can someone explain the whole cultural conformity thing and the ingraining of Asian mentality to the point they can't act otherwise? If they're Asian Americans surely they're exposed to outside influences. Even if you only surround yourself with people who think the Asian way, whatever that means, you can still think for yourself and break the mold. I had a traditional, strict Asian upbringing and so did most of my Asian friends, but a lot of us never really complied with...
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor Balut is good, ya'll. Also had dog and snake before, both decent. Balut is great if you can get past its appearance. Most people I know who actually tried it think it's good.
I've found that in the UK, for the vast majority of people, putting any effort into your appearance is seen as feminine/homosexual. Which results in a lot of people wearing oversized soccer t-shirts and baggy sweat pants. Expect some ribbing if you deviate from the norm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi I see people wearing hats in class and it's obnoxious. Stuff like this bothers you? I take my hat off when I enter people's homes, but if I walk into a store or something I couldn't care less. I don't mind social norms changing as long as they don't inconvenience anyone. Taking a hat off or not clearly doesn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 So wtf, Nom de Guerre still exists as a brand? I'm surprised to see them put out another collection. They haven't produced anything good since what, 2007? This season is no exception.
^ Sounds strange, why would EU customers be exempt from paying VAT if it's from Italy? You can get charged by customs regardless of whether VAT was included in the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Occasionally v-necks are considered acceptable for men, but generally only if the neck line is so high up that it nearly resembles a crew neck. Look at BR v-neck tees for an example of what it has to look like in order to avoid being mocked by the "that's gay" crowd within some social circles. Japanese fashion is more interesting since it is not as heavily constrained. Where do you live? Unless it's a deep...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher My brother has the Japan-only sequel (it's been released on some package deal for N-64 or Gamecube, I think), and he says it's hard as hell, but he likes it. I vaguely remember playing it on the SNES, it was called Mario All Stars or something like that. I could never get past the second level. Mortal Kombat started sucking after 2 with friendships and all that other gay stuff. Bomberman was awesome in...
Took me about 15 minutes of reading + a 3 minute phone call. Maybe you're overthinking things a little?
^ they will, it's probably best to use an insole with these.
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