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What size is the waist in inches?
I need $210 so anything around that mark would be good, im not really sure how it works. Reply on this topic or pm me with how much you want for it please.
Why would you be worried about someone knowing your name and where you work? The first two things that everyone tells anyone when they first meet them is their name and where they work.
Is anything being done about the B&S section? Its virtually useless to me without any kind of search option or other filters(size). Also every time i refresh or hit Back or Forward it resets itself. Not to mention the fact that there's very few items on it and the few people that have bothered to put their items back up have raised the...
The site is much faster and feels a lot snappier for me at least. The sidebar is annoying but since it is only at the top im sure I and everybody else will get used to it. I have mixed feelings about the b&s system. With the old system i wasted a lot of time searching through threads only to find that none of it was in my size but at the same time it was kinda fun knowing that you might come across a gem. One thing it definitely needs is a Size search option, if you...
This guy has a bunch of nice items
How many inches are the actual waist?
When you say you clipped the tag off the vans do you mean the vans logo tag visible on all vans shoes(including your pic) or some other price tag?
Right click image Copy image location Paste into address bar
Does anyone know the international shipping costs for the official apc site? Im having a bit of trouble with all the flash.
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