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If it is a single breasted jacket, only button the top one. IMO it is only acceptable to button the lowest one when you are wearing a double breasted 6x2. But that takes a lot of sprezz. So stick with the top one.
Those suits look terrible. Like it was made out of shiny lycra.
Yes. But the one by Spencer Hart is way to small. It has to be more extreme, and not so different from a normal extreme cutaway, but long enough to let the rounded point curve slightly when hitting the collarbone.
I find this collar really intriguing. It has that italian sprezz with the cutaway and at the same time a gentle british rounded tip.
Do somebody know any tailors in London who can make such a collar? or online MTO for that matter?
Really good fit on those trousers alden. Where are they from?I personally think a blue shirt would have worked better with that jacket, the white seems to white in a way. A blue shirt would have picked up the blue in hte checked blazer. But the fit of the jacket is second to none imo.
The fit is really good in my opinion, little longer jacket would make it as good as possibleI would have the trousers shortened a tad, so you could show some sock. but then i do like to show my socks at all times...
Another photo some days ago. Same cargos. Suitsupply Soho jacket. Berg & Berg tie, and pocket square. Lotusse 1881 wingtips
Relaxed school look. Berg&Berg cashmere tie and silk pocket square. Suitsupply Boston DB blazer Jacob Cöhen Academy cargos
I agree. I love their ties and pocket squares. Their leather products are also really good, all handmade outside Milan. I have a suede card holder and two suede belts. Really nice, and they develop a nice color after some use. Recommendable.
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