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Long time since I've posted, so here comes another one: Pinned down by grenadine. Suitsupply Soho suit, Drakes untipped grenadine tie and Berg & Berg ps. www.takeitofftherack.tumblr.com
I find that suit to be one of my most versatile pieces in my summer wardrobe. The linen fabric is a stunner. www.takeitofftherack.tumblr.com
Brown linen, my favorite summer color. Suitsupply Soho linen suit, Drakes tie and Berg and Berg ps. www.takeitofftherack.tumblr.com
Last days of flannel. Suitsupply Soho jacket, Berg&Berg wool tie and ps and RL cashmere/flannel trousers.
Todays outfit. No cargos in sight! Suitsupply Soho Gucci tie Berg & Berg silk pocket square
Really agree with you Hampton! I find Stilig's picture to be one of the best in the last pages (except the scarf). It is traditional in case of style: flannel trousers, odd jacket, navy tie and crisp white shirt. The different is the fit, which I think a lot of the conservative "classic menswear" members on SF dislike. I find the fit to be spot on. If you have a build which is lean, why not go with a slim pair of trousers and fitted jacket. IMO it looks much better than a...
Love that swag. Really good combo. Nice lapel roll on the jacket!
Back again. Berg & Berg cashmere tie and PS Suitsupply Soho jacket Burgundy John Smedley V neck
Visible branding.
If it is a single breasted jacket, only button the top one. IMO it is only acceptable to button the lowest one when you are wearing a double breasted 6x2. But that takes a lot of sprezz. So stick with the top one.
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