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Hi! I have ordered a test shirt from an italian MTM shirt maker, and I have some rumples on my chest. Is it too slim on the chest area? Or is it my posture that makes the rumples? Maybe too small armhole? Any suggestions on alterations for my next shirt? Anything would be appreciated. Sincerely Max
Long time since I've posted, so here comes another one: Pinned down by grenadine. Suitsupply Soho suit, Drakes untipped grenadine tie and Berg & Berg ps.
I find that suit to be one of my most versatile pieces in my summer wardrobe. The linen fabric is a stunner.
Brown linen, my favorite summer color. Suitsupply Soho linen suit, Drakes tie and Berg and Berg ps.
Last days of flannel. Suitsupply Soho jacket, Berg&Berg wool tie and ps and RL cashmere/flannel trousers.
Todays outfit. No cargos in sight! Suitsupply Soho Gucci tie Berg & Berg silk pocket square
Really agree with you Hampton! I find Stilig's picture to be one of the best in the last pages (except the scarf). It is traditional in case of style: flannel trousers, odd jacket, navy tie and crisp white shirt. The different is the fit, which I think a lot of the conservative "classic menswear" members on SF dislike. I find the fit to be spot on. If you have a build which is lean, why not go with a slim pair of trousers and fitted jacket. IMO it looks much better than a...
Love that swag. Really good combo. Nice lapel roll on the jacket!
Back again. Berg & Berg cashmere tie and PS Suitsupply Soho jacket Burgundy John Smedley V neck
Visible branding.
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