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I find Belisario shirts to be great. The best online MTM service online. The fabric selection is pretty big, and the amount of handwork one can have done is really nice. They are also really good with customizing already made patterns and collars. Its made in italy, Pescara. Nice and fast customer service. And it doesn't hurt that their website is good, which can not be said on all the above mentioned.
Suitsupply Jort navy jacket in 94 and jort trousers in 98. I find the fit to be very good! I am 195 cm tall.
Posted it a couple of weeks ago on my blog. Thought I'd share it here. I find the Jort to be a very good fit and very good quality for the pricepoint. It is more expensive than normal SS, but it is worth it if you fit off the rack. Suitsupply Jort Jacket Suitsupply trousers
Hi! 10.5 fits me perfect on the Meermin Hiro. So I was wondering if I should choose the same on the Carmina Robert last? I do wear 45(11) in Churchs. Any idea for the Carmina size? Max
Does anybody know the price of bespoke liverano shirts? Are there any minimum quantities one have to order?
Only available in Europe for now, but as mentioned above it is similar to the La spalla fit, but with more details.
Christmas day attire. Grey flannel, blue tweed and wool challis tie. Suitsupply Jort, Liverano, Drake’s, Liverano and Belisario
The new jort jacket in Harris Tweed Fully canvassed and half lined, which makes this a pleasure to wear. The details are really good for a RTW jacket. SS jacket and trouser, Belisario MTM shirt, and Drake’s tie.
Blue Madder Monday. Suitsupply suit, Belisario MTM shirt, Drake’s Ancient Madder tie and Berg & Berg ps.
Hi! I have ordered a test shirt from an italian MTM shirt maker, and I have some rumples on my chest. Is it too slim on the chest area? Or is it my posture that makes the rumples? Maybe too small armhole? Any suggestions on alterations for my next shirt? Anything would be appreciated. Sincerely Max
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