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It's all wool. and to be honest, I'm not sure if its black or super dark blue.
price drop on the burberry and Lee!
^that's just an ugly oversized denim jacket that matches the pants perfectly in ugly acid wash.....
for skinny jeans, I'd suggest a pair of vintage beatles boots...
Levi's are boxy also. Especially a type 3 trucker. I"d suggest going with a classic Lee 101. They're not boxy like levi's and more "tailored" than Levi's. an old Wrangler is actually a mix of the two depending on the model you get. But if you do have narrow shoulders, maybe a Japanese knockoff might be better for your build. Try them on for sure. I'd suggest vintage, as they're just better in my eye, especially a Big E Levi's. You can find one for 50 or...
friday bump... really nobody wants a burberry overcoat?
thursday bump...
Just dropped the prices on everything
Quote: Originally Posted by froggio Is this the Captain's cap? "Love will keep us together ♪♪♪" I have no idea... It's not WWII. It's from the 1950's.
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