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Price Drop... $70 Shipped in the USA
Jacket #5 Polo by Ralph Lauren Navy Linen Jacket Size Medium Two big front pockets, One Chest pocket. Bi-Swing Back. Bone looking buttons. Missing the very top (non collar) button and the top very top button (small ones) there were two. Looks super clean. Polo tag is cut. Price $50+ Shipping Measures Chest 25" Shoulders 21" (both shoulders and sleeves are measured at the widest part of the Bi-Swing back... ) Sleeves 22.5" Length 24"
I really don't know much about the frye. My wife has a pair and she wears an 8.5 and bought the 8 frye's... so they might fit. Is there a place you can try on a pair of Frye's to check fit?
Burberry's is dropped to 70 shipped in the usa
For sale is a pair of Frye Engineering Boots size 9 1/2 M. Price $70 shipped in the USA. PM if interested...
It's all wool. and to be honest, I'm not sure if its black or super dark blue.
price drop on the burberry and Lee!
^that's just an ugly oversized denim jacket that matches the pants perfectly in ugly acid wash.....
for skinny jeans, I'd suggest a pair of vintage beatles boots...
Levi's are boxy also. Especially a type 3 trucker. I"d suggest going with a classic Lee 101. They're not boxy like levi's and more "tailored" than Levi's. an old Wrangler is actually a mix of the two depending on the model you get. But if you do have narrow shoulders, maybe a Japanese knockoff might be better for your build. Try them on for sure. I'd suggest vintage, as they're just better in my eye, especially a Big E Levi's. You can find one for 50 or...
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