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sherman bros is having 10% off shoes with "fourth".... they carry a pretty good line.... it's where I bought my Aldens
I think the LVC 1937 have the best height. Not too tall but not at the hips either.
I'm going to start to carry this....
do you like this one?
they look real. Personally I really like Ray Ban's if they're the vintage ones. Made in the USA. With the Olympic being my favorite.
Early to Rise LA is having a sale all month for June.
Anyone know why my Early To Rise thread was taken down?
up for sale are a pair of Gap Selvedge brand new in plastic This is the first time Gap did selvedge. Japanese Blue Selvedge. From July 2007. Size is Rigid Straight 36 x 36. Price $50.00 delivered in the USA! These do run big. Probably more like 38 x38, but I won't open the plastic to find out for sure.
One jacket left and price dropped!
all on ebay... but no bids yet so still time if you want them.
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