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Selling three pair of Levi's 201 Redline selvedge jeans. I bought these for my son, but they didn't fit him. Two pairs are with flasher, and the other has had a hot soak, but it was still too big for him. Button fly, suspender buttons. cinch waist. pair 1) 201 30x30 (had a hot soak) measures 32.5 across waist, 30.5 inseam. $70.00
Selling my custom White's Semi Dress boots. I ordered custom from Bakers about 2 months ago. I got the wrong size for my foot, so I'm selling them. I tried to wear them for a few weeks, but they never did fit right so here they are. Brown Dress Leather, All antique eyelets, natural edge, Vibram 700 Split sole. These run about $400.00 plus the 6-8 week wait. Get this pair now, lightly broken in. Size 10 C (with a light stretching from Bakershoe) so it's...
If you have to ask yourself if you're too old for sneakers, then yes. You are too old for sneakers.
price drop to $45.00!
just made this one.. I think I might use it myself
Selling the Prototype for the new wallet line for Early To Rise LA. This one is full 5-6oz Veg Tanned Cow, hand made. Lined with 12.25oz Cone Raw Selvedge (red) Denim. Un-treated leather so it will age with use and time... They sell for $70.00 but this one is marked down to $50.00. PM if interested!
looks like it would be about an extra $10.00 to ship outside of the USA...
Just made this yesterday. about 5-6 oz Vegetable Tanned Leather. Lined with cotton flannel so it doesn't scratch your lenses. Solid wood dowel in between so you don't crush you glasses also. Hand Stitched... Will darken over time and use. Selling for $35.00 Shipped in the USA. PM if interested.
sherman bros is having 10% off shoes with "fourth".... they carry a pretty good line.... it's where I bought my Aldens
I think the LVC 1937 have the best height. Not too tall but not at the hips either.
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