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I bought nice pocket knives for mine... One guy flaked out on me so I got keep his... it's been in my pocket for 13 years now...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin My Florsheim longwings click like crazy. Must be that V. Doesn't bother me, I quite like announcing my presence. I have a few v-cleat shoes and it's noticeable at first, but you get use to it and then you expect it when you're not wearing them....
I discovered stone in about 95 right when they started, and before that I enjoyed Pizza Port which is now Port brewing... all of their products are worth buying and delicious. I always have Stone IPA in the fridge. and usually a few bottles of something special from them... currently I have some old bottles of 11th Anniversary and Self Righteous Ale. and one bottle left of Oaked Bastard which is like the nectar of the gods... But for a True California IPA.. my vote...
this is my bag.... Tusting Melchbourne more on my blog http://www.poohbang.com/2009/07/tust...briefcase.html
Thanks everyone. I didn't just get all this stuff over night. Nor did I find out I actually had a style to me until I was doing it and people kept saying, "I love your style." Didn't even know I had any in the first place. I'm not a pack rat, because a lot of stuff I see I turn down because it doesn't fit or I just won't wear or use it. Pretty much everything I own I wear or use in some way or another.... I had over 100 hits today which for me is huge. I don't...
My 1952 SeaMaster. My grandfather bought it new. Bumper Wind Swiss Perfection. more pics on my blog http://www.poohbang.com/2009/07/vint...seamaster.html
did 4 yesterday. doing 4 tomorrow.. unless I can squeeze in 5.
Thanks everyone! I had 72 new views today! Feel free to click the links as it helps keep my site going.... What should tomorrows item be?
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou RRL Bowery Boots via ACL those look really, really great! Where do they sell them? Who makes them too? Redwing?
I agree... You won't go wrong. Now I did try the straight edge razor before I did the adjustable... word of advice, stick with the adjustable
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