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did 4 yesterday. doing 4 tomorrow.. unless I can squeeze in 5.
Thanks everyone! I had 72 new views today! Feel free to click the links as it helps keep my site going.... What should tomorrows item be?
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou RRL Bowery Boots via ACL those look really, really great! Where do they sell them? Who makes them too? Redwing?
I agree... You won't go wrong. Now I did try the straight edge razor before I did the adjustable... word of advice, stick with the adjustable
I use the Crystal one and have had pretty good luck. I gave up the chemical DS about 2 years ago. If I'm jogging or something where I'll get sweaty I use the Crystal and mix it with another one from the healthfood store but I forget the brand.... The only trouble with the Crystal is if you drop it it cracks... it's basically a big stick of salt...
I thought poohbang was fun? nice way to say fart. Since it's a blog I just fart about my stuff....
I thought I'd start a thread for my blog http://www.poohbang.com I'm up to the third week now I guess and would like your input as to what to focus on. I've done shoes, denim, fedoras, shaving, plus other stuff... all vintage gear for guys. I'm doing one item that I own a day with pics and write ups. today's bog is on my saddle shoes... http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2671/...9f5ab8.jpg?v=0 check it out, click around and let me know what you'd like to see...
have you looked at what Tusting carries? I have one and really like it. Some of one the ones here look too much like Luggage.
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