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So I went with a pair of Stow. I do love them. Very fine boots. Trying not to scuff them. I'd suggest going 1/2 size down for from US to UK sizes.
I have my first pair of Trickers Stow on order. Looks like I'll get them next week. Pretty excited, but also nervous about sizing.
what's retricker?
I've got some Stow questions. First, is the commando sole version discontinued? I'm seeing them on sale at a few places. Second is sizing. I wear an 11 C in Alden (US) and 11.5 in say Nike and Adidas. I think my White's Semi Dress is a 10.5 Wide? Should I go with the 10 UK or 10.5 UK? These are a US "D" width correct? thanks
Boot questions: I'm on the hunt for a great pair of English country boots and I've narrowed it down to the Trickers Stow as they're the only ones I've seen in a medium footbed. Plus they look great. I'm seeing a lot of the Stow with Commando soles for sale and they're lined in black leather. But I don't see this style on the Trickers site. Is this a discontinued style and that's why they're on sale? Also how do you guys with them feel about sizing? Since I'll need...
This is a pair of Rising Sun Yukon Denim Jeans. They don't look worn, but are a wash of some sort. I don't see wear on them, but they do have a washed. Blue Selvedge button front. Measures: 32 waist 35 inseam $150 shipped in the USA.
Found these two together. One is a from Sears, 12 gauge line. blanket lined, corduroy collar. Selvedge inside size 40 Regular Great fades Measures: chest 21.5 sleeves 24 Shoulders 18 bottom of collar to waist 23.5 Price $30.00 shipped USA the other is a no-name selvedge denim jacket. Pleated front. great blue selvedge. Measures Chest 22" Sleeves 23.5" shoulders 20" bottom of collar to waist 24 Price $30.00 shipped USA
New Roped Horsehide Wallet Lanyard
Sometimes you need some silly potty humor in your life. I recently just put up my first book on kindle. It's in the potty humor range. It's humor / how-to / Field Guide. Public Restrooms: A Field Guide for the Man on the Go
Now available in a smaller size, Cowhand Jr. Cuff
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