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Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 All but that huge V and W on the steering wheel.. Talk about a constant reminder.. A pride in their engineering accomplishment (thumbing their nose at Beemer and Benz) I'd take it to be especially since they released practically the same car (built of 80% identical parts on the same production line) for the brand whores later as a Bentley........... Now that is genius
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 FAILcar did have a nice interior, I'll give you that. lol.... it failed in the US under the VW brand but sold like hot cakes as a Bentley.......... how sad for the dumb badge whores who paid almost 100K extra to drive practically the same car with a different badge.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I think you're wrong Nupe, or at least partially wrong. I can tell you if the typical Lexus driver had to have the same service experience of the person driving a 10 year old Corolla, there would be far fewer Lexus drivers. The top price point of Toyota SUVs (about 60k for a platinum level Sequoia) is about what it costs for the GX Lexus. It's only about 15k less than an LX. It's the service that gets people into...
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins My friend got to drive around in a new Hyundai Genesis sedan for a week for review, and I was surprised at how nice it was. The interior didn't feel cheap, their version of iDrive/MMI/etc. was great, and the motor was nice. They might be better served if they took the Nissan/Toyota/Honda route by creating a new company name for their luxury cars, because I bet lots of people end up passing on it due to the Hyundai...
Kai, Gorgeous home!
The only car interior that is worthwhile to me.
Awesome looking car. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it comes into the States.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mannix What business can possibly be done in Wausau?!? All there is, is two large hospitals and a huge insurance building that's about it. Yes, that is a drive from where you are.... lol....... How about Wausau Tiles Inc?
1% - 5%.
About $60 for my personal one and $0 for my business one.
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