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Very delightful.
Dubai or anywhere in Africa.
I have a BB curve on AT&T via my business account and so far it is a decent phone as it does all that is required of it by me and I'm thinking of switching my personal account (currently using an HTC S740) to Verizon to try out the BB Storm but some of the reviews I've been reading on the Storm has been abit discouraging.
Atkins diet works but like most diets, the participants gain back the weight after they stop the diets. The best combo anyone trying to lose weight needs to do is to exercise and cut down on the amount of calories consumed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sprezzatura2010 It did have a nice interior, but it was also about the same price as the Audi A8 and a lot heavier due to the less-interesting construction techniques/materials. And without the elegance of line. A 10K-20K price difference between comparably loaded vehicles is far from being the same price and yes the Phaeton is the heaviest car in its class at about 5200lbs. Try having an Audi A8 run into one full...
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod If you think you can be happy doing the MBA/MHA, then go for it. If after a while you find that it is really not for you, there is nothing wrong with going to med school then. The average age of my entering med school class was around 27-28. There were quite a number of people who had totally different careers. If you decide to go directly to med school, you should note that you loose your 20's - you are either...
I wouldn't make single button suits a staple. I bought one in Dark grey with pin stripes by Jhane Barnes in late 2007 and I have only worn it once.
I know sometimes some people jokingly say they'd want to die cumming but this is a sad way to go. RIP!
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 So the Phaeton was only discontinued for the U.S. markets? Interesting. Wonder if that says anything about the immense power of brand in the United States? I am a BMW man, and could never see myself in a VW, ever. I actually doubt I'd even give the brand a chance since I can't think of a situation in which I'd find myself test driving a VW to be won over. That said, BMW earned my loyalty through terrific...
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 I was only kidding, from what I read, that was a pretty impressive car from an engineering perspective. I did remember being skeptical that VW could pull off a super premium luxury sedan, thought it was a huge risk.. It is a nice interior though.. Gnatty8, I actually was just having fun enlightening folks about the highly unappreciated but superb gem that we briefly had in the US but is now only enjoyed by...
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