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I pay $1080 a month for my son's daycare in this neck of the woods and that is about the average price.
Thanks Gentlemen. I will try out your suggestions. Quote: Originally Posted by robin View Source on every page and look for code that doesn't belong. If there's a database backend, make sure someone didn't inject any bad code into it that's then being output on the site. Last but not least, also go through the entire folder structure and look for files that you didn't put there yourself - they could have been planted for root attacks against your...
^Very nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo This was pretty much my thinking. The market down here is flooded with pretty low mileage used cars and a few of the dealerships in the area offer the 6 year 100k mileage CPO. Is the CPO exclusive to the purchasing dealership or is it a nationwide thing? I won't be sticking around my current locale for 6 years, hell even 1 year is a stretch, so I would need it to come with me. CPO is nationwide at all...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax There was a recent outbreak of Gumbar/Martuz which injected malicious Javascript into a lot of websites, due to the way it spreads a lot of websites of smaller companies were infected. Google may automatically blacklist sites when it detects the malicious javascript. Most likely the website you were trying to visit was infected. I would give them a couple of days to clean it up and try again. If you really...
Never heard of it before but it looks very simple but elegant.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I find that shit to have no nose and be very flat on the mouth feel. Hey now, be nice. That is the water my Missus makes me drink. And right now I'm sipping a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream with some ice cubes.
I didn't know that a US born African (Kenyan) man raised by his white middle class maternal grandparents is representative of the African American community and their having finally gotten their supposed"sheit" together.
This afternoon I switched my personal cell phone service to Verizon from AT&T in order to get the BB Storm and so my 3 month old unlocked Quad band HTC S740 series is available for sale. It can be used with any GSM phone service worldwide. I paid about $470 for it and I'm willing to let it go for $350 shipped within the continental US and would only accept payment via Paypal. It would be coming with all that came with it originally including its pristine box plus 2...
Heard some good reviews on an application called Replay AV. Check it out here
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