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A set of Wilson Prostaff Golf Clubs, a Daiwa Golf Bag and a Stainless Steel Water Bottle.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton The USPS has a government enforced monopoly on basic forms of mail (e.g., the first class letter). It is literally illegal for FedEd or anyone to compete in that space. Bigtime analogy fail on Obama's part. Or, rather, he indavertently spoke the truth. More like he spoke the truth even though it was done without thinking.
Never actually lived in one but own a couple as rental properties.
But how does this really help the US auto industry when majority of the cars sold were imports (Hyundai topping @ 8%)? How did this really help the people who really needed the newer cars when majority of the people whose sole cars are the clunkers either have bad credit or cannot afford a new car payment or both? My friend who owns a few dealerships (Hyundai, Mazda & Cadillac) had his sales people already selling cars under the C4C at least 2 weeks before it was...
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey No it doesn't. The lunacy of the right wing is sui generis. Each side's lunacy is uniquely its own type even though they are both generally referred to as lunacy and as my dear dad always says, if one spends too much time arguing with a lunatic/idiot, after awhile it would be hard to distinguish who is insane/stupid and who is isn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aspire2Style ^^ No, I am talking about how the rightwing noise machine works, not the delusions of either side. The noise machine works like this. Some fruitcake at freerepublic posts some outrageous rumor. WorldNetDaily picks it up. It then gets linked by Michelle Malkin. The National Review Online and Hugh Hewitt jump on the bandwagon. Various minor rightwing bloggers link to Malkin and the NRO. They all link to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason ^^Please, both parties are guilty of this. Palin's mouth-breathing constituents, and people who hope that Obama will buy their house and pay for their groceries. You are very right that both sides are guilty of the same rubbish but with the abysmal level of stupidity exhibited in threads that are politically inclined it is very easy to fall into the ruts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aspire2Style You have exactly described how the rightwing noise machine works. Pathetically, that actually epitomizes the lefties "information" outlets......... viral ignorance.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Hey. My last two pairs are the size 11 black captoe and the size 8.5 tan blucher. I will send you a PM if I find the shoes you want. Best, Amnon Thanks. I'll be looking forward to it.
With your new stock, do you have these 2 in 12D/M? Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I just got my hands on some really nice shoes that were made for Saks 5th Ave. They are made in Portugal and have Goodyear welt construction. They leather quality is excellent and the lasts are very classy. These are far, far better than the typical S5A shoe. Each pair comes with the box, bags and extra laces. These are made by the same manufactured as Brooks...
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