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About $40 with Road Runner
B.Sc Mathematics here and as nerdy as they come.
Lenovo T61, Asus EeePC 900SD, Acer One 8.9 and a MacBook Pro.
Manual in my teenage through mid 20s but currently automatics and still dreaming/looking forward to owning a V12 Manual.
I broke my Black & Decker weed trimmer so went and got a Homelite electric weed trimmer from Home Depot.
Don't do it, she is legally underage and your 5-10 minutes of pleasure may become a lifetime of misery.
Tahoma and Georgia
Its not worth it and btw what is your ranking in Sambo?
Found the gibberish code/script on one of the pages, deleted it then notified Google and today, no more warning message when viewing the pages through Firefox. Thanks again gents.
I pay $1080 a month for my son's daycare in this neck of the woods and that is about the average price.
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