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IMO the only Benz vehicle that is worthy.
Bedroom: Philips 1000W Home theater system Family room: Bose Lifestyle V20 system Study: Nakamichi Sound Space 5 Den: Panasonic SCPT960 home theater system Dream sound system: Nakamichi Soundspace 21
Walk Score: 86 out of 100 "” Very Walkable
Watches are best as collectables for a hobbyist than an investment.
Hideous looking.
BMW Slayer?
Quote: Originally Posted by nighttrain7404 THey go for the wild colors, fabrics and combinations BECAUSE of the understatedness they had to grow up in. It almost galvanizes them to push towards the wild colors etc. Are these not the same problems with many American youths today? Many of the issues being listed as problems of the Asians are the same problems I see on the streets here in America daily......... badly/sloppy dressed, loud...
$1,000 for 1980 Chevy Malibu Station wagon.
Capital "NO"
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman You didn't happen to be parked at a large wine store in New Jersey in between Christmas and New Years by any chance? No my kind sir.
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