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A set of First Impressions Children's Development Video DVDs
A Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera
Quote: Originally Posted by oldseed hi all, just wanted to see what you well dressed folks might think. i've had my bmw 325 for a coupla years now, the lease is coming up, and i'm thinking i will never get a sedan again. i do a lot of snowboarding in the winter and it was a pain the f'n ass stuffing my board into the back seat cause the rear seat doesn't come down, and driving through snow in my rear wheel drive (with snow tires) contraption. i...
The Jeep SRT-8 looks very nice. Last week a lady (who must have been on a test drive) was trying to get me to race her a few times as we went down a stretch of road. Each time we got to a stop sign (there were about 3 stop lights before she turned off into the dealership), she would look at me and smile then floor the truck when the lights turned green.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter yeah. there are two ways of looking at fighting - people who fight fair are, essentially, looking at fighting as a recreation. then there are people who fight because they have to, get the job done, and dont do it again unless they have to. I would rather my son belong to the later group. my son is a nice, gentle, intellegent kid, with a whole shitload of friends. kids who were in a class with him two years ago...
An Acer Aspire Timeline AS5810TZ laptop.
Chronoswiss Regulateur Tourbillion
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Picked this up yesterday! 1987 325is It looks immaculate! Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by nicad2000 An excellent line-up. W12 vs. V8 aside, which of the Phaeton and A8 did you prefer? To me the Phaeton seems more sedate with a ridiculously nice interior, while the A8 is more on the sporty side. Thanks. Besides the engine difference, the 2 cars (Phaeton and A8) are 2 completely different machines and you are absolutely right that the Phaeton is more sedate/elegant with a English country club like...
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven lol the V12 is my favorite thing in the world. If you ever do get one, although it seems as if you will not, please post a video pic of it revving. I solemnly promise that if I ever get a V12 Vantage, I will record a video of it being revved and post it here for you. Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Very nice trio. The W12 would be my favorite. Thanks. The W12 is...
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