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Fourplay - 1991 to 2008 CDs.
View from my office.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirWilliam There is good and bad about both. I choose the Tour because it is better at multitasking than the iPhone. The phone and messaging functions are better on the Blackberry. I can use the BB easily with one hand and I can type much faster and more accurately on the physical keyboard. I also like the expandable memory and I like to change between my BB and a small stainless LG flip phone I have where it is difficult...
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Yes, this makes the most sense. I'm just doing a bit of wishful thinking. I know. Most of us that own Phaetons in NA are fervently praying that 1.) It is brought back and 2.) the W12 engine is at least available for us to order. News from Autoblog and news from Lexus Reports on the return of the Phaeton.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 gas mileage is overrated. i have one of those variable honda engines and it doesn;t make a shits bit of difference. Very true. I bought a 4 cylinder Honda Accord EX sometime in May to be my "gas economy" car and I drove it one day to a meeting 105 miles from my house, the next day for comparison I took my Audi A8L to the same place for another meeting and the Audi only used up a quarter tank while the...
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay This would be good IMO, especially if this includes the W12. Sadly, I doubt that the W12 would be an option for the US market. I'm suspecting if it is brought back, it would only be sporting one of the V6, turbo diesel 6 and V8 engines.
Besides the economic aspect, with the amount of mileage you put on annually, you are definitely a used car candidate. Go for any of the Japanese ones (Infinity/Nissan, Lexus/Toyota, Acura/Honda or Mazda) for the ease of use and higher reliability.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay This is what I like about the W12 Phaeton. It's a shame they no longer come to the U.S. There are rumblings coming out of VW World HQ that they might be re-introducing the Phaeton back in North America (2011-2012) but it would be a much trimmed down version to make it more affordable.
^^Good decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur It's really fucking simple, seriously dude. Life is short, then you die. Make what you will of it, it's really not that important. You want money? Make money. Want to find God? Do that. Family and kids? Fine. It doesn't matter. Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire This is the answer. How many times have I posted here that the secret to sleeping well at night is to live way below...
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