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That has not been my experience with Kiton or Attolini or Isaia for that matter.
I have some really nice new unaltered Kiton and Attolini stuff that's going up on ebay in a couple weeks that I'd like to offer to the group. I don't have pics yet but if you are interested I'll take some this weekend and also send measurements. All are around an American size 42R. Feel free to email with any questions to 1) Kiton 100% Cashmere Suit 51R: 3 button quarter lined jacket (lapel rolls so top button can be left undone). Pattern is a...
I don't know how you feel about buying a suit on ebay, but for a little bit more (~$800-$900) you can get a new Oxxford or Isaia suit. In my opinion that would be way more bang for the buck. This guy is a class act. I've bought 2 Kiton suits from him and a pair of Kiton pants for my wife and have always been pleased by the service and product.
I went to the NYC Lobb store today and they had a really good sale selection (probably ~20 different models) for between 30% and 40%. I expect to see a spike on Lobb eb*y auctions soon.
I am looking to buy a good cummerbund and bowtie set and am not sure what to look for as far as quality/construction goes. What is a good brand for under $300.
Yeah that's the infamous Walt Odets explorer 1 review that was quite a scandal when it came out. All that I know is that my explorer has been 60ft underwater, dropped onto rocks from 15ft, scraped, bashed and bitten and still keeps time within 10 seconds a month and looks great. I don't think could be said of most other automatic watches. Also if anything does ever go wrong I just have to walk to the rolex building and drop it off.
Thanks for all the good info. I look forward to getting a pair of shoes that don't hurt my feet. I must have funny shaped feet or something because it always takes a couple months for me to break in a pair of shoes (currently wearing a pair of Lobbs that are really hurting my pinky toe).
I know everyone bashes Rolex, but I for one like my rolex explorer 1. I like the idea of having a watch that can go from a wetsuit in the morning to a tuxedo in the evening (like on a cruise) without causing any worry. Since its not a sub or a datejust no one really notices it either.
I am interested in getting a pair of Cleverley's made but am not planning on going to the UK any time soon. I've heard they do visits to the US. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so when they will be in NYC next? I've emailed them with no luck and don't really want to call (I only have a cell phone, no land line).
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