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Inventory has a decent sale going on right now 25% off Footwear with code: FOOT25. I think it ends tomorrow night, some pretty good stuff still available.
I have these in a 9.5 E too if anyone's interested,,,, given to me as a gift a few months back but haven't ended up wearing them at all (maybe 3 times, still have the box but no tags). Would part with them for $220 shipped in Canada/US.
Here's a pair I had made up for me... Even made their blog! Worn probably 4 times a week for around 4 weeks
Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster Here's someone wearing them with rolled up pants: Those aren't thorogoods, they're Red Wing Work Oxfords (8103's).. I'd say you could probably get away wearing the Red Wings with shorts, but not so much the Thorogoods... considering they look like Shape-ups meets Simple meets Cat.
Those ripple soles are amazing. One of the best make-ups I've seen.
If you've never seen them in person the higher price point can be difficult to understand compared to the likes of say Red Wing. It's pretty easy to understand that the price-tag is warranted as soon as you pick a pair up though. Basically the most sturdy, long lasting boots available as long as you take care of them (like anything). If anyone's interested, I've got a pair of lightly worn Bobcats just like these in a size 9 (fit closer to a 10, 10.5) that I don't wear...
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