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Thanks a lot brotha.
I did. There's no indication of a sale.
I did utilize it. Can you help a retard out?
^ your jacket appears to not be tailored on your seat section. Personally, I would bring the rib area in to suit your body and purchase dress shirts that are shorter in length from shoulder to hand. Also, get some better shoes.
Don't know if this is redundant but when's the next big sale? I'm trying to acquire a couple of Black or Purple Label dress shirts. Anyone know how they fit? Thank you in advance for my noob question.
lol i meant buckles.
What's your preference?
I'm looking for some Dark Brown Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoes in size 8D. Please PM me. Thank you for your time.
can someone give me the lead on the next relatively big "SALE"? I'm looking to buy a fair amount of their extra slim dress shirts, belts, and maybe Milano (slim) line of suits.
Face palm. I searched twice and couldn't find such an informative thread.Thank you kind sir!
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