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10% discount on Raf and Marc denim, and happy valentine
Condition : brand new, either with tag or not Shipping cost : $12 within US, additional $5 for any additional item, $45 for international shipping with additional $8 for additional item (tracking included) unless you want cheaper method without tracking then we must process through alternative payment method instead of PayPal. All prices include PayPal fees. More pictures can be seen at http://s1062.beta.photobucket.com/user/bensa0390/library/DENIM Rick Owen Waxed Denim,...
I've seen this Dsquared and in my opinion, it's fake but somehow people are still bidding crazily on it, bunch of them are listed on Ioffer and the likes. I reported the item but eBay seems to take no action whatsoever...
Help! S.O???
Hi all and thanks for read! I need either the spiked version of the lime one for my gal, her size is XS-S, bra 32-34B so make your guess 38IT-40IT and give me your pm if you have or know s.o may have it. My budget ranging from 1,5k-2k upon the condition.
Most of my Asian friends who can afford TOJ probably hunt for something like Julius, Rick Owens, Gucci, Burberry, shits like that Btw, will TOJ have any promotion for the coming holidays
There's leather glue you can buy to fix it if you're not sure how to sew it up. I often do both
Any advice?
Okay, so I've found these sellers from Japan putting several Burberry up and down eBay auction, many same models are repeatedly appear and somehow it seems kinda weird. Never bought Burberry and especially from Japan so any opinions help...
Will the gangs of TOJ redo some previous stuffs, like the male BCDR, or horse leather, etc. Just a thought
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