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Do you guys feel that many experience sellers on ebay would pimp up their items's price in auction? I saw most designer clothing sellers/shops on ebay are doing this more and more often #__#, so frustrated that I rarely want to bid on anything @@
PUMP!!! Here are a few ideas that I'm thinking about, ANY input? A classic biker with minimalist details (Burberry) Langlitz x DR in these version: Celine for women Celine for women
This might be a mini personal project, or even something bigger, as I'm a leather lover and have experience dealing different brands. I'd love to hear more interesting ideas and suggestion, currently trying to create my own color-block biker jacket with minimalist touch, any idea is much welcome and appreciated
where is a good place to discuss about jacket design? (I'm trying to learn a few things about designing my own jacket, specifically leather jacket)
Btw, TOJ fanatics should check out these artisans also from SK: https://instagram.com/kustomduo/ They make really good horsehide jacket for about half the price of TOJ in less than a month
lol, stockholm syndrome I guess
Could anyone tell me why s.o would pay 700-800 and wait 6 months for just an okay quality jacket? When I communicated with TOJ like 3 years ago, there is something about them that made me hesitate to inquire any big order, even though it was tempting after all the buzz around. I finally made a single purchase and got several hide samples from TOJ, and I did not see anything special about their quality, simply a fusion blend, like Acne Studio or BLK DNM are doing right now.
Let me know if you would lower
Is this short or long, do you have a model fit pic with his height included?
Hey guys, I'm thinking to source several boots from top designers as example to produce my own line of boots, stuffs would be hand-made in Vietnam, some materials could be sourced from other places like Italy or Australia. I really like the spiral zipped design of CCP and think of doing something similar, or more classic style like Marsell. All the boots could be customized to your fit, selection of sole and selection of certain add-on features. Any comment or suggestion...
New Posts  All Forums: