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They Look great don't down play the iPhone shots. So they have all this colour and darkening from just wear and no conditioning or mink oil. I have to say they look like a good start.
Thanks for the info those are exactly what I was looking at.
My Roots boots are leather with their military sole, they work for me. Besides there are easy more badly dressed guys than I at Union Station than I at rush hour. The coat is an investment, it should last a long time. Choose wisely.[/quote] Ivon, I have looked at the roots boots and just wanted to know how does there quality and longevity compare to others. I'd like to get some RW or 1000 miles but I'm not going to buy them here in Toronto. What boot did you get form...
OK I know this is an old thread but has anyone had a look at the boots that Roots is making now I'm always tempted to try some on but I don't want to get into anything unless its worth the time. I think there prices are fair and are a made in Canada product. Does any one have any input.,default,pd.html?cgid=mensBoots&selectedcolor=2000
That's good to know the break in is quick but shitty on the not being in store ill have to go and have a look just for the hell of it. Thanks for the response.
So with the lack of winter were having so far. What is you initial impression with how worm they are and how dry they are keeping your feet. I'm local like you so I just want to know, you went to VM how was there service? I bought some wolverine pull on boots there, and they got me the boots but new nothing about what they are selling. These look like the right place to start with my addiction at least for now and the price is right.
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