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^ Code is: fathersday for shipping Extra 10% is in store only
+1 I'd be interested in measurements for these as well in particular the allen jacket.Found this here - is this how intended to fit or is the model just wearing a larger size especially the sleeves?http://www.loftman.co.jp/bd/7380
I have this - prob one of my favourite pieces from the f/w season.Some nice additions to sale section - conveniently right after the additional 40% off ended lol.
Dang wish I saw this earlier... thanks for heads up
I'm north the border so couldn't tell ya
Rooney's 30% off with code THANKS
Rooney in Montreal is having 30% sale Stark comes to $276.xx delivered... not bad for us Canadians
Alden x Leather Soul Navy Suede Shortwing - size 8D Purchased from LSW. These boots feature an all around regular welt and double leather sole. Navy suede Double oiled waterlock leather sole Barrie last Haven't had a chance to wear these yet. Brand new, comes with box and shoe bags. Just looking to get back as much as what I have in to them - price includes shipping to US and Canada. Thanks for looking.
These are a thing of beauty! Thanks for sharing.
Wow those new FF premium fabrics are killer... Dusty glenplaids today (thanks to fellow member tricky for hooking me up) Snuff LWB
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