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Mike made mention of these last week - so JR is correct hopefully any day now.
Looks like US site only 20% OFF SS15 Code: SS15VIP
Those look great! LWBs for me today..
Wow these look great.. congrats!Who's doin the Cigar WTB?
Leffot did a cigar atom while backThese look great either way JR. Congrats on nice score!
Thanks RTP, will do! Definitely appreciate all the info members like yourself and others in this thread here provide
I know I'm a little late to the party with these but wanted to share anyways I just received my EFF shirts last night. The sky pilot flannel is pretty beefy really happy with that one. And the dessert sunset might have to borrow that look from @mdubs
Thanks! I concur..
A day early but I'm stoked that I will be able to now participate in future Whiskey Wednesdays thanks to Kathy in DC. I dropped her an email and she informed me she had misplaced my contact info but I was next in line to receive these beauties.. But for now with the weather finally starting to get a bit better here decided to bust out the J.Crew ravellos:
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