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These bluchers have a single leather oiled sole, which gives them a slimmer profile that then the more common double-soled version. I bought these from the Alden Shop in San Francisco in September 2012 and probably have worn them a dozen times. They are in excellent condition. The shoes come in the original box and include shoe bags. These shoes are size 8D on the Barrie last, which runs about 1/2 size larger for most people (I normally wear an 8.5). They have a leather...
Hi...sent private message.
Yes this. My #8 LWB had the same heel slip at first. Once I wore them a few times, the sole broke in and they fit perfect now. Maybe my favorite Alden. Wish I had gotten the Leffot version tough.
+ 1 B/S is just a mess
They always remind me of the shoes the cheerleaders wore in high school.
I was in J. Gilbert last week and Yenni said they are working on a saddle shoe...I remember it included a rarer shell (maybe No. 4). Wasn't paying much attention though as I'm not much for that style.
Thanks, I saw those too and thought the same thing until I realized they were on double leather soles. Wouldn't commando soles be better for that particular look? What do you think between captoe and PTB?
Hey guys, what do you think are the most "military looking" black shell boots that Alden makes? Several retailers have their own unique markups that differ slightly but would like some input if anyone has an opinion. Thanks.
Lagsun, beautiful collection. Where did you get your #8 PTB with commando sole?
Beautiful photo....two of my favorite things! Which Levi's are those?
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