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My wallet is not ready for this
Hey Antonio, thanks for the sizing info. Purchased from bloomingdales the navy in 38 (smallest available) and the green casentino in 36. Leaning more towards the navy but we'll see if the casentino will work out for me. Can you commend on the construction of the field jackets? Are they canvassed?
It's Canto-english. But yes that's cantonese.
Pumpkin picking season in S&C cardigan
@eddiemczeeI am 5'9" too and albeit less muscular (36R chest) and I enjoy wearing the S&C cardigan unbuttoned (wearing it today). I think like Greg has suggested in previous pages, it works well with the outerwear/oversized sweater look.
@Ambulance Chaser The contact of the sales person would be helpful. Do you mind? Also, any ideas of the pricing of the navy twill (is it approx the same as the green casentino?)
@NickPollica Is the navy twill field jacket only available in store and not online? Also, sizing wise, If I am a US 36 in the Tipo fit, would the US 38 field jacket be too big? I intend on wearing it without a jacket/sweater underneath most of the time.
The only thing holding me back on the lilac shirt are the yellowish (smokey) MOP buttons. If it were the white MOP that was used on the other Inglese shirts I own, I would have kopped it and dug myself deeper into the NPC hole of shame.
I purchased a light grey S&C cardigan from NMWA
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