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I'm in (should I kop what I need from NMWA before or after October 4? hmm)
Hey Greg/Kyle, Sent an email to customer@nomanwalksalone.com this morning, can you guys please check to make sure my message is not in the junk folder? Still awaiting reply.
@laufer Quoted from previous page
If you're referring to the Stephan Schneider Rock Coat in Size 3, I bought one in both color and will likely return one color (or both) if my GF finds out I bought em
The returned merchandise must be free from any condition that would prevent it from being sold as new (including, but not limited to, wear, damage, stain, odor, or alteration)
Girlfriend reminded me that I'm on a "buying cleanse", but I am just going to order it anyway Now we'll see if the coat is awesome enough to convince me to not return it Which color do you prefer Kyle? I am leaning towards grey since I have a lot of navy sweater/coat already.
Thanks Kyle. What size would I be if I'm an EU44 Formosa and EU46 Eidos? Im planning on wearing this just over a dress shirt
Greg/Kyle, Can't exactly determine from the website photos, but does the Stephan Schneider 'Rock' hooded coat have front side pockets for putting your hands in? Also, in terms of warmth, are both of them about the same?
Any upcoming Fall trunk show planned that would offer this, or is this something for next year?
Are more details available for Formosa bespoke shirts? (Pricing, availability etc.)
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