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^ Last time I heard from The Armoury NYC was around May 2014 (IIRC). Was also informed that the MTO by Spigola is about same pricing as StCs.
Bringing narcissism to a whole new level A finished sketch of my Saint Crispin's [[SPOILER]] EDIT: It's not my sketch, it was drawn by a friend from down under (http://instagram.com/notreallysarah)
I have one of the $225 G.Inglese shirt too and I do agree that they seem to be a better deal than the Mazzarellis. However, I should mention that the $225 G.Inglese are different from the $300 in terms of the additional handwork (handstitching under the collar stay, shirt placket etc). After trying on a G.Inglese shirt with all those handwork, any other shirts just pale in comparison (I've been spoiled) EDIT: correction. Either way, both G.Inglese ($225/$300) are pretty...
A little spit always do the trick (I'm kidding)
EDIT: See explanation below, I think it makes more sense.
Ah okay that makes sense. I think the shipping for Carmina is quite close to $50 a shoe if I recall correctly the last time I tried to buy them. It is more for 2 shoes (something like $75 or so). I think it still ends up cheaper than buying from retailer here, but it's probably more of a convenience for people to buy from the armoury / epaulet than doing a wire transfer to Carmina etc. (and possibility of import duties you have to pay).
I have recently bought a Ring Jacket chinos from The Armoury for $375 from their store, and was informed that alterations was included, which could easily cost $20 or more (I think shipping is as well) - My card was only charged $375. My point is, I think the $550 Carminas might already include shipping (which some place like LeatherSoul charges $50 for shipping IIRC), but I might be wrong.EDIT: Shipping cost around $12 based on the online shopping checkout. So I think...
I'm #TeamJacob. Oh wait, wrong threak.
The grey pedaled tee with hand warmers looks like a great top for outdoor running (if I ever run) I remember seeing the black frog jacket at the trunk show (with the hidden compartment for backpacks) and was quite impressed Again, if I ever workout/bike it would actually be useful for me.
The S/S 14 Rota trousers are pretty awesome by the way. I tried on the light grey wool pants in an EU46 and was quite impressed by the fabric and the construction of the pants. Did not buy the light grey pants as I already have something similar. It should be noted though that the EU46 fits more relaxed than Incotex type pants, which was why I went with a MTO to slim the legs down by 0.5". Bought a pair in the brown linen - fabric looks/feels amazing.
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