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+1. I have the brown linen Rota and while it wrinkles, it doesn't shorten it drastically. And it's an awesome pants.
Will take photos & share when the sportcoat is back in about 10 days. @NickPollica May I know where the cream/brown shepherd's check fabric is from? Is it VBC?
I did, found an old Italian tailor in StL that would do it for $10 a hole (handsewn), what a steal
Just FYI, I got 4 compliments (within
@NickPollica Are the motif on the inner lining of the sportcoats and the turqoise lapel pin of a sewing machine? They remind me of my granny's old Singer sewing machine
That little V is fine, I would suggest sticking to your current size. Oxfords do not necessarily have to close completely (unless it's a bespoke) and you are unlikely to find a perfect fit in a RTW.
Nick, does that apply to all suits/jackets made by Eidos (fully canvassed)?
I see, thanks. That would explain it, and I guess it was a coincidence which I thought was an error.
Hi Brian, I was trying to purchase the Patrik Ervell chambray button down shirt today, the price was shown as $75, but when I added it to the shopping cart it shows as $175. Is that a mistake or am I missing something?
@NickPollica or @justinkapur Any idea what model is the brown /cream shepherd's check sportcoat in? (Tipo/Tenero etc)
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