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Are more details available for Formosa bespoke shirts? (Pricing, availability etc.)
EU44 in Formosa sportcoat here, but EU46 in Eidos Sportcoat (Tipo) - can't tell you about the Lorenzo model.
My wait time on the Drapers hopsack blazer was approx 8 weeks
Guilty for charming the jury with dat suit. RE the Inglese shirt cuff, remove button, reattach at a tighter positioning spot with the free "Tic" from NMWA = win.
Drapers Formosa in EU44 - I'm usually an EU46R.
@TweedyProf that picture was off the rack, no alterations. I shortened the sleeves and that was all. And yes, that's the brown/cream houndstooth.
@TweedyProf Size in EU46, I'm 5'9" and about 145lbs
+1. I have the brown linen Rota and while it wrinkles, it doesn't shorten it drastically. And it's an awesome pants.
Will take photos & share when the sportcoat is back in about 10 days. @NickPollica May I know where the cream/brown shepherd's check fabric is from? Is it VBC?
I did, found an old Italian tailor in StL that would do it for $10 a hole (handsewn), what a steal
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