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I'm a 36 and I wear a small in that toggle sweater. KOP IT NOW.
I kinda want this.. Anyone has info on sizing?
Does anyone have any fit pic of Sartoria Formosa Double Breasted suits in action? Always curious about how they look, and I don't think I have ever seen one in this thread.
Ahh, okay. Have always wondered about cargo shipping charges as I plan to move back to SEA in the future, but I'll stay out from derailing this thread.
Hey @DeSense, just curious, how much is the shipping for a 40 ft. container from USA to Indonesia?
Yeah TF suit and Liverano BDs. Had to wear my suit unbuttoned after the decadent french dinner consisting of duck confit and a Sazerac.
Terrible photo of the NMWA Drake's tie for my birthday dinner [[SPOILER]]
Mazzarelli, vintage 1945 UG watch and Oliver Spencer sexy pents for my birthday [[SPOILER]]
Language is Portuguese. Interesting note 'SEX' = sexta feira = Friday. Portuguese language refers to Sunday as the first day, hence Friday = sixth fair day, Monday = Segunda Feira = Second fair day etc.Also a good reminder to have sex on Fridays.
Question to you guys: This watch is a manual wind, and from playing with the crown of the watch I notice that I can only adjust the minute hand. From the minimal information available online about UG watches, apparently the month has to be adjusted every end of the month. I tried winding the minute hand for days until it skips from 31st to the 1st but the month did not change. Is this common? How does one adjust the moonphase, date, etc then? As compared to my TAG heuer,...
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