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As title suggests, up for sale is a pair of Saint Crispin's boots that are rarely worn and still plenty of life left in them. They are sized UK7.5F (which is a regular width fit for St Crispin). I am pretty much a UK7.5 in other shoe brands (Carmina Rain, C&J, John Lobb etc.) Condition is 7.5 / 10. Comes with the Saint Crispin's trees, box and bags. The trees are not hollowed out, as these are older StC trees, so they are solid. Priced at less than half of what it will...
Is it a 2447 Carrera? I have one in black/white dial too (2447 NST).
New Arrival - Vintage Heuer Carrera 3647T from the 1960s (but look as good as a new watch) [[SPOILER]]
I'm safe from the temptation of Formosa as NMWA doesnt carry EU44s Can't say the same about Eidos though. @gdl203 What other color/fabric of Eidos suit are incoming, and are they all in the new NMWA style for this season? When are Inglese shirts dropping? Curious to see what you guys have for S/S 2015.
Greg, just curious as to what happens to Formosa suit that don't sell even with the EXTRA15 code? I wish they don't end up on Yoox (they definitely deserve better). At
Greg/Kyle, I might have missed putting in a gift message on my required size for the Memory coat. I have sent you guys an email but I need a size 4. Btw, Team Jade here
@gdl203 and @conceptual 4est If the rock coat which I have tried on in Size 3 is too narrow in the shoulder for me, would you recommend a Size 4 in this Memory coat?
Should really be Rye whisky anyway. The real stuff in my personal cabinet
I don't really look at the measurements on the site but I wear the same size in all 4 of my Inglese shirts. I'm a 15/38 in most shirts. It has been covered in the past, but the sleeves measurement for Inglese shirt might appear long but that's because it has a shorter shoulder seam, so part of the "sleeves" measurement make up for the shoulder width.
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