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To get the thread back on track: Here's a picture of a sketch my friend is working on for my pair of Saint Crispin's
How useful are those Edoya lamb hair brush for finishing a mirror shine?
Plenty of G.Inglese in 15/38 or 15.5/39 please. And I will be there on Saturday evening
Not the best cross section but the only one I took from a trunk show 2 years ago. *Click for bigger view
Care to share the cost of resoling? If I recall it's somewhere
Today's shoeshine project on a pair of St. Crispin's boots in suede/calf combo The tools [[SPOILER]] Before shot [[SPOILER]] After conditioning with GlenKaren conditioner [[SPOILER]] Applied dark brown cream to sole edges, entire shoe, and wax with GlenKaren's high shine paste (spot the guy in the pink shorts) [[SPOILER]]
My wallet is ready
Kamakura I assume?
Nope I don't. My shoes shall never be seen unpolished They do remove wax/color pretty well. I had a pair of loafer which has been subject to amateur polish when I first started learning (black wax, brown cream, burgundy cream, neutral wax etc.) Used the conditioner on them yesterday and it took pretty much all the stuff out - to my delight.
[[SPOILER]] Glenkaren conditioner and paste polish plus some elbow grease for a shiny pair of worn Saint Crispin's.
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