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Greg/Kyle, Can't exactly determine from the website photos, but does the Stephan Schneider 'Rock' hooded coat have front side pockets for putting your hands in? Also, in terms of warmth, are both of them about the same?
Any upcoming Fall trunk show planned that would offer this, or is this something for next year?
Are more details available for Formosa bespoke shirts? (Pricing, availability etc.)
EU44 in Formosa sportcoat here, but EU46 in Eidos Sportcoat (Tipo) - can't tell you about the Lorenzo model.
My wait time on the Drapers hopsack blazer was approx 8 weeks
Guilty for charming the jury with dat suit. RE the Inglese shirt cuff, remove button, reattach at a tighter positioning spot with the free "Tic" from NMWA = win.
Drapers Formosa in EU44 - I'm usually an EU46R.
@TweedyProf that picture was off the rack, no alterations. I shortened the sleeves and that was all. And yes, that's the brown/cream houndstooth.
@TweedyProf Size in EU46, I'm 5'9" and about 145lbs
+1. I have the brown linen Rota and while it wrinkles, it doesn't shorten it drastically. And it's an awesome pants.
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