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Don't we all?
That suit is not an Eidos suit. The Eidos suit you linked to has a Barchetta (boat) pocket. The one he is wearing is cut straight across.
It is the 401 boots, Classic last. I can add pictures of the sole when I get home tonight.
This is probably an unpopular opinion on SF, but I machine wash mine, along with all other Inglese shirts I own from NMWA. Flip your shirt inside out so it does less damage to the MOP button if you want to go this route. But yeah well, this is just like, my opinion man.
To add on to that, if it's a watch that you have no worries/intention of reselling, and if you can't tell if it's overpolished or not, then I wouldnt worry about it.
I did suspect it was Ben Clymer's watch from that article, as BC himself posted an ad to sell it on Chronocentric about 2 months ago, but the ad was deleted. Initial asking price was $20K. I agree that the photography doesn't seem to feature the dial much (or at all). Also seems a little dubious, if it indeed was the same watch, that it was not disclosed that the spring bars were soldered.
There's a similar, if not identical Longines for sale here: Cchen, can you comment on the pricing? Did you pay about just as much for that watch?
Guys, If I'm looking for a snuff/tobacco/light brown suede strap with 18/16mm dimensions, who is the best maker to look at? I see that Leffot or Hodinkee only has suede straps only in 20mm.
Another Carrera added to the collection. This time a 2447N Carrera which I have hunted for over a year. This one's a special one with a Silver Script for the dial instead of the normal white script. Love the aged creamy lume on the hands. [[SPOILER]]
The answer to every Styleforum conundrum:
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