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I was just there in store this weekend and tried on the Ring Jacket chinos. They are pretty awesome and there are multiple colors in 2? different fit (slim and relaxed). The slim in EU46 fits me best and I usually wear between an EU46 and EU48 in Incotex.Available colors that I've seen were stone (beige/off-white), khaki (mid brown), olive, aqua (light blue) and light green.As an answer to your question I would say the chinos are definitely not MTO and available RTW.
A little off-topic, but just hoping the iGents in this thread can opine on this: I am thinking of shortening the sleeves on a jacket with functional buttonholes. How much space (in inches) should be between the centre of the last button and the hem of the sleeves before it looks weird?
These are my pair that I bought from LS 2 years back. They are in burgundy. The sketch is meant to be Black/White to emphasize on the details (creases/wear etc).
To get the thread back on track: Here's a picture of a sketch my friend is working on for my pair of Saint Crispin's
How useful are those Edoya lamb hair brush for finishing a mirror shine?
Plenty of G.Inglese in 15/38 or 15.5/39 please. And I will be there on Saturday evening
Not the best cross section but the only one I took from a trunk show 2 years ago. *Click for bigger view
Care to share the cost of resoling? If I recall it's somewhere
Today's shoeshine project on a pair of St. Crispin's boots in suede/calf combo The tools [[SPOILER]] Before shot [[SPOILER]] After conditioning with GlenKaren conditioner [[SPOILER]] Applied dark brown cream to sole edges, entire shoe, and wax with GlenKaren's high shine paste (spot the guy in the pink shorts) [[SPOILER]]
My wallet is ready
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