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Upon further considerations, I don't think I fit the category as a skinny Asian anymore as I am 5'9" and 148 lbs. Let's just say that the Inglese shirt fit trimmer than many other OTR brands, including Barba, Kiton, Zegna, Borrelli etc. based on personal experience.I should also mention that the shirt fits slim but does not have darts - which I don't really like.
I have Mazzarelli and Inglese, both in 15/38. The Mazzarelli is definitely longer, has a longer shoulder measurement, longer overall sleeves and a more relaxed cut/drop from chest to waist than the Inglese. I almost wanna say the Inglese shirt is made for skinny (and short) Asians, as the Size 15/38 fits nothing like my other shirts in similar sizing, but works out for me perfectly.
Same Inglese shirt with Vanda tie and a Tom Ford pocket whale
For those interested, there is a 15 minute video on Leatherfoot's facebook page of the shoe-making process at Saint Crispin's. Correct me if my observations are wrong, but I am pretty impressed that they don't need/use masking tapes before painting the sole, compared to other videos that I've seen of other shoemaker. To me that requires some skills. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=255965897893728&set=vb.141128999377419&type=2&theater
I caved. I bought my first Wutang Tie in Chocolate Shantung.
I do that on my suits. Never had a tuxedo so can't say for sure. I was always under the impression that it is a pretty common thing. Again,self-confidence always helps (in other words, F what they think).
If I understand what you are saying about the pocket flaps, I think you can always just tuck them into the pocket itself. My vote is for calfskin with a nice mirror shine. Not only does it show that you are a man that takes care of his shoes (rather than buying a high-shine patent shoe), a calfskin shoe can also be worn for other less formal occasion. Obviously, those are just my opinion - others might disagree. Below is a copy-paste of a question for Mark Cho of the...
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