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Burgundy OS Pents courtesy of @Newcomer Also featuring Mazzarelli white oxford spread collar
Sounds just like a bunch of haters on SF with all that name calling. One of my favorite things to do at weddings: Out-dress the groom
Cigars and scotch/bourbon is not an issue for me. I probably have about 15 different bottles and 8 cuban cigars left Too bad there aren't too many StL members to share it with..
Fixed. Although on SF, they mean the same thing.
If you spend over the amount, you have to buy Newcomer something.
^ I have the hopsack too and it is awesome. Probably will be the "end-game" blazer - no need to purchase anymore blue blazer after that. Yes I bought that watch on a whim - might have paid a little too much for it but it's my first vintage watch so it's fine. To those interested, it is this watch here: http://auctionata.com/o/73617/universal-geneve-full-calendar-ref-11303-around-1955 Will get the watch the latest in about 3-4 weeks (hopefully before my birthday )
To add to the list - Just purchased an 18kt gold vintage Universal Geneve Calendar/Moonphase a few days ago. I'm probably one of the biggest loser in this NPC.
Is it the light blue oxford? (is it royal (dressy) oxford or regular oxford?)
Interesting fact: The island of Taiwan used to be known as Formosa.
Can confirm, typical Kyle writing
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