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Those pants look a lot more Olive-y than it appears on the website.
Greg, any ETA on the Rota pants?
Thanks for the in-depth explanation, Greg. Always a pleasure to read/learn more about these things.
He might have been referring to the cover photo of the tobacco suit where one side is darkened. Other photos look good though.Greg, may I ask what is unique about the Solaro cloth that makes it sought after by many "bespoke aficionados"?
^ Last time I heard from The Armoury NYC was around May 2014 (IIRC). Was also informed that the MTO by Spigola is about same pricing as StCs.
Bringing narcissism to a whole new level A finished sketch of my Saint Crispin's [[SPOILER]] EDIT: It's not my sketch, it was drawn by a friend from down under (http://instagram.com/notreallysarah)
I have one of the $225 G.Inglese shirt too and I do agree that they seem to be a better deal than the Mazzarellis. However, I should mention that the $225 G.Inglese are different from the $300 in terms of the additional handwork (handstitching under the collar stay, shirt placket etc). After trying on a G.Inglese shirt with all those handwork, any other shirts just pale in comparison (I've been spoiled) EDIT: correction. Either way, both G.Inglese ($225/$300) are pretty...
A little spit always do the trick (I'm kidding)
EDIT: See explanation below, I think it makes more sense.
Ah okay that makes sense. I think the shipping for Carmina is quite close to $50 a shoe if I recall correctly the last time I tried to buy them. It is more for 2 shoes (something like $75 or so). I think it still ends up cheaper than buying from retailer here, but it's probably more of a convenience for people to buy from the armoury / epaulet than doing a wire transfer to Carmina etc. (and possibility of import duties you have to pay).
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