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http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Hermes-Belt-Blue-reversable-/150805074617?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Belts&hash=item231caed2b9#ht_500wt_1413 Fairly cheap if it's authentic?
I personally think it's beautiful, but a little high on the price point for ebay.
dibbed and paid on purple tip quatrefoil flowers
I'm sure most in this thread could relate
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Loro-Piana-Cashmere-Travel-Blanket-Beige-Charcoal-BNWT-/120825771847?pt=UK_TravelTickets_Accessories_RL&hash=item1c21c6f747 Seller has a few other Loro Piana goodies too
~$100 usd flight to Hong Kong from Malaysia through AirAsia when I'm back for the winter break.. Decisions, decisions..
Good prices, good customer service. I bought a Tom Ford Shades from him once, and custom was giving me problem and needed the seller to do something. Sartoriale's people got a hold of me really quick and everything went smoothly. Recommended for sure.
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