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I can't be the only one here wondering how can someone leave such beautiful shoes unworn in a closet?!
I picked these up from Spoo's Luxeswap.com recently, but unfortunately the belt dont seem to match me that well, so here it is for sale for $30 shipped CONUS. $30->$25 The belt can be shortened. http://luxeswap.goodsie.com/search/t20 - 100% Leather - Size 36 - Cambridge Black - 1.25" Wide - Croc Print Covered Buckle Thanks to Spoo for letting me use your pictures/website as a reference.
^ For a moment I thought that person in the photo was you
Would be interested if you can bring some Ring Jacket stapler blazer to the forum, especially Navy lightweight ones.
FTFY. +1 on Ian's customer service. Flew down to LA last month and visited him at his warehouse. He was very accomodating and wasn't pushy at selling anything at all, basically let me wandered around and tried on anything I wanted
For anyone interested in those pair of Saint Crispin, I believe they are closer towards a US 9 than a US 8, since the tagged size in the description is 7 1/2F Saint crispin. I wear a UK7.5 in most Carminas and have to size down to 7F in Saint Crispin.
^ www.shopthefinest.com man.
^ I've got that Barba in the middle. Love the stiff collar and how the 'denim/chambray' like fabric shines.
They are probably meant to be buttoned down, but there is only one right way to wear your clothing - Your way.
This is a steal guys, and if I did not preorder a burgundy/cognac shoe that is the exact size and design as this (except it was not a boot) I would have totally snapped this up. For whoever that is wondering about sizing, this pair of shoe looks like it is on the Classic last, and a UK7F fits like a US8.5D or Uk7.5 in many other shoes.
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