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Wow. Seems like you're pretty fit LA guy. I did 60 today in a minute. I don't really go that low till my nose touch the ground though, like you said, I usually just push till barely locking at the top. Was your 65 pushups with nose touching the ground? If so that's crazy dude.
I think member rioni had a Tuscan leather split and I got it from him. Not sure if he has any left though. Haven't seen him on SF for awhile now.
Ok thanks. Looks like I will have to look out for UK7.5E's then.
Arent UK8 = US 8.5D though? I read that this last of C&J is slightly roomier, so I guess you are right about it fitting US 9D. What size in C&J do I look out for then for US8.5? UK7.5E?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but is C&J's E width the standard D width? http://cgi.ebay.com/Crockett-Jones-C...item45fb9d0438
Did you buy it from creedboutique, or did you get it somewhere else? Just wondering about it's authenticity - not trying to threadshit here.
Just got informed that the company I'm interning with in Wyoming is gonna fly me to Virginia where corporate office is for an intern outing August 4th-6th. Wee east coast!
It's pretty addictive to do, and I do it everyday as a quick warm up. It's nice to see your numbers improve as you do it though, sort of like a personal challenge thing.
Standard push-ups can you do in 1 minute? Go get a stopwatch and do it. I'm interested to see how many you guys can do. I started off with 45 pushups in a minute last week, now I'm at 57.
Live as a pope 500 years ago and have my whole collection of kids for my personal enjoyme-- Oops, I meant live as a respectable pope 500 years ago
New Posts  All Forums: