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Brush then buff it. Brushing it with a horsehair brush helps the Reno further permeate the leather (same goes for Medaille D'or creams), but a horsehair brush can never get all the Reno off from the shoe, thus buffing it afterwards or else you will end up with residue/stickyness.
John Lobb UK8.5 Black loafer with Trees http://www.ebay.com/itm/1250-JOHN-LOBB-Finedon-Black-Loafers-SHOES-9-D-John-Lobb-Shoe-Trees-Included-/160938011472?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2578a72b50
Thanks for the picture, the Novello definitely looks alot sleeker, though I don't know if I am into the extra length. I'm never a fan of the chiseled last, but the Novello looks like good compromise between the chiseled last and the Classic.
Anyone care explaining what's the different between the Novello last vs. St Crispin's Chiseled last?
No, there is a guy called shoes of distinction on eBay, not to be confused with a fellow member here (distinctive shoe?) http://www.ebay.com/sch/shoes_of_distinction/m.html
$500 is fair price. I don't think there is a set rule on how much toe box space should be left, it's totally up to how you like it. I personally would not want a last that is too elongated which would end up looking like a pair of clown shoes. If you think they look abnormally long, just return them if you're not 100% happy.
Shoe looks great, just curious - How much did you pay for them? If you paid full retail, there are plenty of better quality shoes for that kind of money.
I've used GIT (Green Irish Tweed), Aventus, Original Santal and Royal Oud before. Preference: Aventus Original Santal GIT Royal Oud Aventus might be your safest bet since it smells extremely fresh (pineapple & blackberry?) and not too empowering, Original Santal smells extremely woody, but might be a little "Indian" smelling, although the woody smells very comfortable. To me, Green Irish Tweed smells fresh, but might be a little too sharp of a scent for my liking....
Saint Crispin charges about $1,600 for MTO for most calf styles (loafer, lace-ups etc)
I can't be the only one here wondering how can someone leave such beautiful shoes unworn in a closet?!
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