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Congratulations on becoming an SF affiliate. I've heard of the Ledbury brand name floating around and checked you guys out, and the stiff collar & v-neck thing really appealed to me. I am looking for a summer shirt possibly in reddish gingham or reddish striped but unfortunately you guys do not have anything like that on the website. Would that be a possible short-run model?
Arrived today. Sutor's in Navy blue suede
Do you have any beige/navy other colors in EU46?
Thanks, that makes more sense. I have heard great things about WW Chan, and looking at Alan's suit made by Chan from the Armoury, I wouldn't disagree that they do make nice suits. How are the price range for WW Chan's?
Not to be rude to any of you guys suggesting Sam's tailor, but what makes him so famous? I took a look at his website and his own suit looks poorly measured and he doesn't seem to be dressed well. I am just curious what's the hype about Sam's tailor? And what are the price range like for his bespoke services?
^ It's purplish/Lavender
Will you be able to get some more 15/38 sizes in staple colors? (blue,stripes,textured etc) I suppose Tom Ford shirts have pretty long sleeves, and I normally wear around 34 inch.
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http://www.thearmourystore.com/shoes/carmina-brown-punched-captoe-oxford-simpson-last Can't go wrong with Carmina, especially at the $600 price point that you have. I can almost bet Carmina has better quality than D&G etc.
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