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For those with less patience or want to try it in store: [[SPOILER]]
Those ties look like they are hovering in the pictures
From Sunspel it's 100 USD but if you count in shipping its about the same price. Just order one from mrporter and return it if you don't like it. From my previous experience my card was refunded within 2 days.
Order them from mrporter.com. Free shipping both ways, can't really go wrong with that.
For $150 you could get some used Kiton shirts. I have two Kitons and the collar of those shirt are amazingly stiff and hold themselves up well, even without ironing.
Gotta say Alan went above and beyond in helping me with a very satisfactory experience with the Armoury. Since I have tried to purchase the Carmina Suede Captoes in UK7.5 and they ran out of stock, I then tried the Carmina Wholecuts suede in UK7.5 and they ran out of stock as well. Alan saw the opportunity and offered to sell me a UK8.0 Carmina Captoes that was worn by the photoshoot model once at half price, allowing me to try a different size at a very very reasonable...
I could use some 30 Incotex pants as long as the inseam is > 30, since I start working full time in February or 2012 and it's business casual attire.
Got 2 job offers, one in Wyoming, one in St Louis, Missouri and leaning towards the one in MO
At least it means that they are interested in you.
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