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Any chance you could kop a Royal Oud sample for me? No Creed store / fragrance for sale here whatsoever (Wyoming )
A question for any ex or current servers just came to mind. If my bill turns out to be say, $8.54, I usually like to tip with my card to make it a around number like $2.46. So I am just wondering if waiters prefer me to tip $2 or $2.46, because sometimes when I tip I see the waiter immediately take the amount out of the register (say, $2). So I don't know if I tip a weird amount like $2.46, do they actually take the extra 46 cents out of the register? Or.. do all the tips...
BOC seems a little short even for a 38S doesn't it?
I actually used it. It's called TL;DR.
Reading scarphe's posts is a pain. Do you have like 3 fingers in one hand that you always have typo?
That's terrible. Since my friend is pretty close to me, I can't just never have dinner/lunch with him again, so I kinda told him it's very very wrong not to tip decently. If it were a casual friend like a colleague as in your case, that would the last time I would ever dine with him again. I have never worked in the service industry before, but I think 20% is good enough for a big ticket or a special occasion dinner. I never tip more than 20% though, seems unnecessary.
I have a friend that is super stingy about tipping and leaves miserable coins even for decent service. I hate bringing him out to my regular place because his behavior reflects upon me. I have been lecturing him about it and he is now better at tipping, usually matching what I tip. I agree with one of the posters that said "If you can't afford to pay decent tip, don't eat out." That's the only advice that I have always followed regarding tipping.
I think you have to be a member for at least 2 months or something before you can post a sale ad Sal.
I usually tip 10-15% if the service is minimal and food was okay, and 20% when I had a great time. Question though, do you guys ever tip for takeouts where you pick it up yourself? Sometimes I just tip 15% for takeout to not make it awkward during the wait time.
Good man
New Posts  All Forums: