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Mike, I'm down for the Brown Calf/Suede Jodphur boots for November delivery. Would it come with lasted boot tree or no? Forest last sounds fine to me.
Mike, can you provide an estimate / more info about the above said Jodphur boots so that I can plan ahead before I spend my shoe fund on something else? :P E.g (wait time, price, type of last etc) EDIT: Just read that cordovan is low, but can we do calf instead of Suede for the main body? So like the exact as above (calf with suede straps)
So I guess what I was trying to say is get an idea of what sizes you are in different Carmina lasts and probably more forum member will be able to help, as I personally have no idea about the brand of the shoes that you wear.
Louis, based on what I've been told by Alan from The Armoury in HK, the Uetam sizing is the same as the Simpson last (I'm a 7.5UK in the Rain last, and I think a 7.5 in Simpson). Not too sure about the Simpson sizing for myself, because I've owned a pair in 8.0UK and they are somewhat loose, so I guessed I am a 7.5.
I'm down for a Jodphur boots like above in either dark brown / black (maybe even made with cordovan compared to calf) for a good Fall boots?
The Ledbury customer service rep Juliana was a pleasure to work with
I really like the design of the Kelly Stripe (light blue), but would it be possible to have that shirt in a burgundy or red stripes?
By the way, I should mention that riviera polo tends to shrink and are cut slim, so I would Go a size up. Also, mrporter sells them within the US so it's more convenient to buy from them Considering they have free shipping both ways.
Sunspel Riviera polos are pretty good. Great quality, clean cut, but it has plastic buttons. Worth a try though, it's definitely a wardrobe staple.
Most likely Selima Optique. He's been known to be a big fan of Selima Optique, such as the Chad sunglasses he wore in Crazy, Stupid Love, and 'Money 2' sunglasses he wore in another movie.
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