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Stitch, that reminds me of this thread. Take a read through it and see if it's the similar problem. http://www.styleforum.net/t/317544/john-lobb-jermyn-iii-but-quality
Nice watch! Price on those badboys? Or were those a gift from someone?
Crockett & Jones or Carmina. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/news/80216-simpson-negro1 I believe the price above 3600 SEK is before VAT reduction. I think non-EU gets 25% off that price which brings it to about $400.
Last I talked to Philip in October 2012, a full resole is ~$200+ I believe. I think this also includes conditioning the leather uppers etc.
There are many theories behind shoe polishing, and I am still going through the process of finding the way I like best. Some swear by using wax only, some cream only, and some use both. For me, I do both, and I alternate them depending on how lazy I feel. As an example, I met the owner of Saint Crispin, Philip Car who probably knows more about shoes than a majority of the forum members. He told me that he only uses black wax polish for every shoe, no cream, nada.My...
[[SPOILER]] After 11 weeks of wait. Saint Crispin 104 on classic last.
That's ridiculous. I actually ordered the same design 105 (Austerity brogue) on classic last, except in burgundy on the first week of October. Well, I'll give them a call and thanks for the info. Enjoy the shoes.
I made the edit because according to Luxire's measurement, that's where I'm supposed to measure it up to (meaty part beside your pinky when you clench your fist) - about halfway down my palm. I usually only measure my sleeves up to my wrist + a little, so I was a little surprised by the sleeve measuring instructions when I first saw it too, but thought it would be adjusted accordingly. ***Regarding the 'meaty part' I was referring to the sleeves measurements instruction...
Both my sleeves are buttoned, with the sleeves buttoned the shirt sleeves end right at the "meaty part" of my palms, which isn't usually where I prefer my shirt sleeves to end. As a reference, I wear a 15/38 in Barba and it fits me pretty well in the sleeves (about 34"), while this shirt is about a 35" sleeve length.By professional tailor, I meant a tailor at Sam Cavato in a high end mall, although I think any decent tailor should be able to take measurements according to...
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