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Both my sleeves are buttoned, with the sleeves buttoned the shirt sleeves end right at the "meaty part" of my palms, which isn't usually where I prefer my shirt sleeves to end. As a reference, I wear a 15/38 in Barba and it fits me pretty well in the sleeves (about 34"), while this shirt is about a 35" sleeve length.By professional tailor, I meant a tailor at Sam Cavato in a high end mall, although I think any decent tailor should be able to take measurements according to...
The limit of $ you spend on something is really relative. How much is too much? Personally, I try not to buy something at full retail unless I really like it. The most expensive thing I've paid full retail for is a pair of Saint Crispin shoes at $1,600. Other than that, if you lurk long enough on the forum, or visit a few good sites like www.shopthefinest.com, or a few reputable ebay shop, you can get good quality things at a steal. That being said, I make about $40k...
The sleeves measurement according to the PDF guide was to measure from base of center of back of the neck to about halfway of the center of the meaty part of your palm when you make a fist (beside your pinky). I measured 35", and I usually wear 33". I didn't know that was going to be the true measurement of the sleeves, it's a little too long for my taste. **I thought this length would be adjusted from a body measurement to a shirt measurement from my conversations.Biceps...
Medtech, do you order your shoes directly from Philip? What kind of price do you pay for regular calf/suede make up, and how long is the turn around time? I ordered a pair of shoes with Leathersoul in October when Philip was doing a trunk show, I was promised 8 weeks turnaround, but it has been almost 11 weeks now and I haven't heard from them yet.
Got my shirt today. Sleeves and shoulders appear to be all too long, and this shirt was made using body measurements according to Luxire's PDF guide, measured by a professional tailor. Aside from the fact that the customer service has been pretty good and turn around time was fast, I can't say that I will necessarily be a repeat customer. I have to say though, for the $70 price point, the fabric is pretty good (Lustrous fine white) and I like the collar (reminds me of...
Even for cream, I feel that brushing does not necessarily get all the cream off. I buff my shoes with some cut up white t-shirt from ralph lauren, nothing too fancy. You could even get those 3 for $15 CK white shirt available at Nordstrom racks etc, you get the idea. For buffing I keep the cloth dry,, but I would use a slightly damp cloth when doing a mirror shine with black wax polish.
Medtech, screwdriver last? Or classic?
Brush then buff it. Brushing it with a horsehair brush helps the Reno further permeate the leather (same goes for Medaille D'or creams), but a horsehair brush can never get all the Reno off from the shoe, thus buffing it afterwards or else you will end up with residue/stickyness.
John Lobb UK8.5 Black loafer with Trees http://www.ebay.com/itm/1250-JOHN-LOBB-Finedon-Black-Loafers-SHOES-9-D-John-Lobb-Shoe-Trees-Included-/160938011472?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2578a72b50
Thanks for the picture, the Novello definitely looks alot sleeker, though I don't know if I am into the extra length. I'm never a fan of the chiseled last, but the Novello looks like good compromise between the chiseled last and the Classic.
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