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^ I've got that Barba in the middle. Love the stiff collar and how the 'denim/chambray' like fabric shines.
They are probably meant to be buttoned down, but there is only one right way to wear your clothing - Your way.
This is a steal guys, and if I did not preorder a burgundy/cognac shoe that is the exact size and design as this (except it was not a boot) I would have totally snapped this up. For whoever that is wondering about sizing, this pair of shoe looks like it is on the Classic last, and a UK7F fits like a US8.5D or Uk7.5 in many other shoes.
Ed, Just wondering if your sizing of US 32 is comparable to an Incotex EU48? I usually wear EU46 in Incotex, but will be interested in the grey cashmere US32 if your pants tend to fit slimmer.
I had the pleasure of meeting mr Phillip Carr today and placed on order for the burgundy shoe below with some minor tweaks to fit me better. Overall, Mr. Carr was a pleasure to deal with and such a knowledgeable and down to earth guy to meet with. P.s he hand polished my other pair of Saint Crispin shoes Below are just a few pictures from my visit.
Is anyone going to this event? I already RSVP with Bryan Yamashita with LSBH for Saturday the 6th. More info about this event on their website, but basically Phillip Carr from St. Crispin will be doing a trunk show during this time and will also be taking MTO orders. Also, are there any nightclubs suggestion? Will be visiting LA with a lady friend, hoping to visit a few clubs while in town.
Doesn't sound like Ledbury's customer service to me. Usually they are pretty prompt, maybe Juliana took an extended Labor day vacation.
Just to weigh in here, I actually would want the Jodphur boots on the Rain last too, mainly because I already have a pair of the above suede austerity in Rain and I know my size in that last. So if there are more interest in the Rain last, we could go ahead with that too.
Can you get these in EU 46?
As Joonian mentioned, check out plal store on Jalan Gasing (Gasing Road). They have a really nice building with C&J, Cheaney, Loake etc. As far as I remember, the sizings of the C&J were pretty limited, but the prices are cheaper than any of the C&J you will ever find online/in-store.
New Posts  All Forums: