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The Ledbury customer service rep Juliana was a pleasure to work with
I really like the design of the Kelly Stripe (light blue), but would it be possible to have that shirt in a burgundy or red stripes?
By the way, I should mention that riviera polo tends to shrink and are cut slim, so I would Go a size up. Also, mrporter sells them within the US so it's more convenient to buy from them Considering they have free shipping both ways.
Sunspel Riviera polos are pretty good. Great quality, clean cut, but it has plastic buttons. Worth a try though, it's definitely a wardrobe staple.
Most likely Selima Optique. He's been known to be a big fan of Selima Optique, such as the Chad sunglasses he wore in Crazy, Stupid Love, and 'Money 2' sunglasses he wore in another movie.
My personal favorite is Creed Aventus. I have tried Tuscan leather before, and it is pretty damn strong and pungent, not really my liking. I'm more of a citrus/fresh scent kinda guy, which seems rather similar given the cologne choices that you had.
Got my royal blue banker shirt today in Size 15.5, regular fit. Sad to say although the shirt is nice, it is cut a little too big (The site did say that I am a size 15,slim fit) but I extremely hate darts on my shirts, and 15.5 was the only smaller sizes available on that shirt. Please make some slimmer fit shirts without darts, and I will be all over them. P.S I really appreciate how you guys kept the shirt folded without using sharp pins that usually leave holes in my...
http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1545/Thompson-Plain-Toe-Blucher/DetailThere you go
Navy SuedeYesThese actually aren't Carmina's, I was just using the shoe trees from my other pair. They are Sutor Mantelassi for $299 that I bought from shopthefinest.comhttp://www.shopthefinest.com/p-43234-sutor-mantellassi-navy-blue-shoes-size-75-us-65-uk.aspx
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