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A little confused if its a size 8 (in the title), or a size 11.5 (description). Anyway, I believe it's a size 11.5, and he just copy pasted the title wrongly from the last auction which I won (which was a size 8). The boots are amazing, and actually came with a pair of free Sozzi socks, as well as a plastic shoe horn and a suede brush. Pretty damn good deal for $650.
My first and only watch in college was a Guess watch for about $85 with quartz movement. That thing is still working and looks pretty decent for the price. IMO, don't spend stupid money $300-500 on brands like Michael Kors / Emporio Armani (they look really gaudy). My guess watch was a stainless steel watch with a black face. After graduation and getting a job, I have since upgraded to a Tag Heuer Aquaracer, stainless steel with a black face as well and I find it pretty...
No problem, buy Saint Crispin's, they don't have such problems
Stitch, that reminds me of this thread. Take a read through it and see if it's the similar problem.
Nice watch! Price on those badboys? Or were those a gift from someone?
Crockett & Jones or Carmina. I believe the price above 3600 SEK is before VAT reduction. I think non-EU gets 25% off that price which brings it to about $400.
Last I talked to Philip in October 2012, a full resole is ~$200+ I believe. I think this also includes conditioning the leather uppers etc.
There are many theories behind shoe polishing, and I am still going through the process of finding the way I like best. Some swear by using wax only, some cream only, and some use both. For me, I do both, and I alternate them depending on how lazy I feel. As an example, I met the owner of Saint Crispin, Philip Car who probably knows more about shoes than a majority of the forum members. He told me that he only uses black wax polish for every shoe, no cream, nada.My...
[[SPOILER]] After 11 weeks of wait. Saint Crispin 104 on classic last.
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