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sorry but that's too funny
4 Inglese for me this year. 4th one inbound from New York Considering a fifth one now that there are more choices
Please do not buy them, they are really ugly (and expensive). for $400 you could easily buy 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds (new) from some forum members here.
... and buy all the stuff you want
You're not alone. The March weekend of NMWA trunkshow in NYC, I brought a full-sized checked baggage with me
Those pants look a lot more Olive-y than it appears on the website.
Greg, any ETA on the Rota pants?
Thanks for the in-depth explanation, Greg. Always a pleasure to read/learn more about these things.
He might have been referring to the cover photo of the tobacco suit where one side is darkened. Other photos look good though.Greg, may I ask what is unique about the Solaro cloth that makes it sought after by many "bespoke aficionados"?
^ Last time I heard from The Armoury NYC was around May 2014 (IIRC). Was also informed that the MTO by Spigola is about same pricing as StCs.
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