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Can I give you my feet measurement for shoe sizing advice?
Hey Greg&co, Care to share when and what to expect from Eidos for Fall drops?
I have a NWT 100% cotton Eidos Navy Lupo polo, size S. Price includes shipping CONUS. Just like this, but in Navy: %26pn%3D1
Sorry, I have been a lazy bum. I'll try to update them tonight and send you a message
Greg & co - when are new dress shirts dropping? I assume since Italy takes the entire month of August off, you guys have not received any shipment yet, so maybe mid to late September?
For sale are a bunch of G.Inglese shirts purchased from Nomanwalksalone that no longer fits me well. The condition of all of the shirt are generally a 6-7 on a 10 scale, and are priced accordingly. #1) Grey striped linen/cotton chambray shirt - 15/38 for $125 --> $95 ---> Make me an offer Measurements and pics can be seen here: #2) Light blue chambray shirt - 15/38 for $125 --> $95...
IL MICIO?!!?!?@!@ #shutupandtakeallmymoney
Don't we all?
That suit is not an Eidos suit. The Eidos suit you linked to has a Barchetta (boat) pocket. The one he is wearing is cut straight across.
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